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HBO 12 -- Robocop 2

Twelfth session: Robocop 2
As mentioned yesterday, we're out of sequence in my alphabetical tour of their library of SF movies. I have professional reasons to do research on Robocop -- the original movie, as the recent remake didn't happen -- but since they don't have Robocop, I figured on the sequel.

Haven't seen either 1 or 2 in years. Was amused to discover that several set pieces, including the fake TV commercial for the electrocution anti-theft car seat, were in 2 and not 1. I know I saw 3 or rented it, but it was a long time ago. Don't remember hardly anything about the TV series based on Robocop, other than like Alien Nation or even Buffy, it had a different cast and a somewhat different feel.

The movie opens with a new red liquid synthetic drug -- Nuke. Wasn't the drug in Alien Nation red, too? And maybe even Outland? Don't take the red pill! And Omni Consumer Products, OCP, which runs the Detroit police, has slashed wages and cancelled the pensions. Wait, is this a 1990 premonition? Or has the governor's office been using the OCP playbook for dealing with Detroit?

Amusing sidenote -- based on the Kindle's somewhat misguided auto correct, I just realized that OCP is an anagram of COP. Huh. No doubt I am the last fan of Robocop to notice that.

And I am a fan. Yes, the story plots are ludicrous, the robot alternatives to Robocop have severe flaws and what's with that lack of a full armored face shield? I mean you want to stop Robocop, don't shoot him in the armor, shoot his mouth. But the heavy footed foot stomps, the turn the head and then turn the body moves to change direction, the noisy servo motors everywhere -- Peter Weller does a great job.

Still, you can tell this is 1990. During the fight between Robocops 1 and 2, some of it is clearly stop motion Clash of the Titans type special effects with miniatures. And Houston stands in for Detroit.

But I like the flat black piece of crap cop cars, the padded and armored and helmetted human police. And the disgustingly vicious corporate elite. And you thought James Cameron hated big corporations. And kids? Let's just say that kids are not nice and cute creatures here.

It's all over-the-top camp, reasonably good fun and ultimately not as good as the original, saddled with some very lame, bad and stupid plot elements.

Almost done. Robocop has just beaten the crap out of the drug addicted evil Robocop 2. Next up is The Day After Tomorrow.


Huh. The valet parking attendants have figured me out. The Blazer was parked right in front as I was wheeled outside. No waiting. Service. This is so cool.

After HBO, back into the construction parking jam on Michigan. Then into Allendale and Physical Therapy -- first time since May, other than two PT visits in the hospital to check whether I could get around with the 50% weight restriction on my left foot. Alas, IVs and HBO made scheduling very difficult, so I couldn't get my usual therapist on Tuesday. But I got a 4:30 appointment with a very nice therapist. I updated them on all the developments and said we wouldn't do any walking, stairs or trying to do a floor transfer.

So what's left? Well, we're checking leg strength, range of motion. And the old problem of the occasional pain in the inside of my left knee. Basically, although the AFO is wonderful and lets me walk, it also locks the foot into position, which puts some strain on my knee and hip. So they rip the knee out, hammer it with an aluminum meat tenderizer mallet, drag it across the street, and then stuff it back in. No, that PT massage doesn't hurt one bit. (It burns, my precious, it burns!) But as per usual, it feels better today.

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