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HBO 14 -- Day After Tomorrow -- Field of Dreams

Fourteenth session: The Day After Tomorrow (conclusion)
We only had maybe ten minutes to go after the eye of the megastorm drops its thin icy air on everyone. But I have a question -- what base were all those helicopters operating out of?

BTW, when the movie started and the opening credits were rolling, I'd forgotten that Ian Holm was in this. The whole British weather station in Scotland. And so much more collegial as scientists than Mr. Full of Himself played by Stanley Tucci in The Core.

There are a lot of great visuals in this film, from Russian freighters floating down the street to the storms from space. The science may be suspect -- it's Hollywood -- and the President's speech at the end is too preachy, too much, felt false.

I will say, however, that the idea that global warming CAN cause localized cold weather is something I have talked about for years. After this winter, maybe this movie came out too early.

Field of Dreams
If you build it, they will come. And they have, to the movies and to the actual farm in Iowa. One of techs in the hyperbaric unit said that one of the morning news shows had a piece that the cast was gathering for a 25th anniversary reunion. That it was a perfect day to see this movie.

Just like Tom Cruise, there are some people who are not fans of Kevin Costner. But it's Costner in a baseball movie! And it's got James Earl Jones! [edited to add] Oh, and another James Horner score.

Amy Madigan is cute and perky, perhaps too cute and perky and over-the-top rah-rah 60s. Timothy Busfield is great as the sincere but misguided businessman worried about his sister's farm. Up until rookie Moonlight Graham steps into Doc Graham and he suddenly sees -- and is quietly escorted out of the movie.

Even after a number of viewings, that surprise we felt the first time of the where-the-hell-is-this-going plot still lingers. Very satisfying. We can watch this every year, along with For Love of the Game, another Costner baseball flick, and Bull Durham, somewhere around February as the first hints of spring training begin suggesting that winter may be coming to an end. And not every movie can become a tradition.

So what is it doing on the Science Fiction list? Well, it's really a SF/F list. And I guess you could chalk this up to fantasy. But somehow, through the magic of the game, isn't it more than that? (grin)

Up to nearly the end, and on to Frequency.


Had to get gas at noon-ish and so tried a different way in to Butterworth. M-45 through the Standale construction zone -- they weren't doing a thing, perhaps letting it dry out after Wednesday's heavy rains -- to I-196 to the Ottawa Avenue exit. You can't make a left turn onto Michigan from the merge lanes from I-196, they have a concrete barrier. You have to go around the block. The irony was that the College Avenue exit wasn't backed up like yesterday, so maybe it would've been okay. But going down the hill to Ionia to hop onto I-196 to US-131 is definitely easy.

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