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HBO 15 -- Field of Dreams -- Frequency

Fifteenth session: Field of Dreams (conclusion)
And... exit Burt Lancaster into stage center field cornfield. And ditto for James Earl Jones. We're sending Timothy Bussfield off never to be seen again -- Where did all these ballplayers come from? Do not sell this farm! (grin)

What I like about this movie is the simplicity -- and ambiguity -- of the Voice. Everything seems to have several meanings, each of which advances the story in some way. And yet, it's funny that the most fantastical scene is the one where Costner meets Doc Graham, but in the past. This followed by the delightful moment when Costner asks Jones whether he knows he's missing.

Entertainment Weekly had a small photo of Costner and a crowd on the Field of Dreams in Iowa.

Great movie.

The Lake House used a mailbox. Frequency uses a ham radio. Communication by time travel. This time it's Dennis Quaid in 1969 as the FDNY fireman and Jim Caviezel in 1999 as the NYPD son. The magic is explained by major solar flares which are creating auroras that can be seen in Queens. And it's the Amazing Mets that is the convincer.

This is a nice touch for us. My sixth grade class in White Plains NY watched some of those day games. Mrs. Dr. Phil of course remembers it differently -- the '69 Cubs.

And how many times has Dick Cavett shown up on the tube in the background of a movie? And look, there's Brian Greene, most excellent author of physics topics, talking about the unusual sky. Funny how the same themes keep showing up. Dick Cavett was in Apollo 13, Field of Dreams featured baseball...

Much like Back to the Future, though, not only do you mess with the past at your own risk, you end up the only one who has memories of the multiple time lines. Because dad was supposed to die in a fire -- he doesn't -- so his mom is killed by a serial killer.

Sort of like the opening to Backdraft, it is a shock to see 1969 firefighters without breathing apparatus.

We're up to where Andre Brauer is about to believe that Quaid is not the serial killer. Next up will be Galaxy Quest.


Tried the College Avenue exit again and not nearly as clogged as the other day. They also moved the Michigan Street detour south an extra block to a much bigger street. With lights.

Took the 35mm film Nikon N2020 with me today. Mrs. Dr. Phil gave me an ASEE ELD, Engineering Library Division, mini notebook with a plastic cover, so I am using it to record exposure information. Darned film cameras don't record EXIF information like a digital camera, except for the Nikon F5 and F6 which I don't own, and I don't have the N2020's MF-19 databack to imprint the date on the negative. In the old days I often burned through rolls, so I didn't have to quite keep track. That and these days I put some photo info in the filenames I post to my website. Took one shot of the front of the children's hospital.

No update on the generator's repairs, so I guess the Grand Rapids warehouse didn't have the parts, so they probably have to ship from Wisconsin. Fortunately, should be a beautiful weekend.

Dr. Phil

Addendum: Most of this week there's been a guy in Tank B, starting either before or after me. In my mind I call him Ben, after Ben Cartwright, since he watches cable channel 36, TVLand, for Gunsmoke and Bonanza.

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