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Order 61, Two Cuban Sandwiches All Day... Yes, Chef!

After a week of rains and thunderstorms, the forecast for this past weekend had little sunshine symbols. So naturally, by the time we got home it was just starting to spit. Hot and muggy -- Sunday's Cubs game has bits of swirling fog in the outfield. Around the Friday or Saturday night 11pm news the temp was 69°F with a 67° dewpoint and 93% relative humidity.

Gas dropped down to $3.65.9/gal and we had another 50¢/gal discount coupon after grocery shopping. What will next week's prices be after this weekend's 75¢/gal discount?

We headed east instead of Holland on Saturday to catch a special engagement...

Chef [R]
Celebration Cinema North Theatre #15 1:10pm 2x$8.50

Been waiting for months for this one. It briefly played somewhere in G.R., possibly UICA, but we had this weekend in June penciled in for some time. Apparently officially opened in May, but release dates are scattered -- if it's playing in your area, go see it.

It's no secret that we watch a lot of cooking, food and chef competition shows. And Food Network's Great Food Truck Race has given me some insight in the logistics of doing a food truck -- and that the modern food truck scene isn't just tacos or hot dogs anymore, but some serious food and followings.

So this is Jon Favreau's show. He learned how to be convincing in a kitchen and a food truck. But he starts out as the chef to Dustin Hoffman's restaurant. Despite the owner saying he's the chef and all, Dustin doesn't always let him control the menu. Particularly on the night an important food blog critic is coming. And though the food blog pixelates the critic's face, apparently this isn't a secret review. Naturally, expecting to get something exceptional, the critic is treated to the owner's tried and true and tired menu -- and the review is scathing.

Chef is not just food porn, though there are glorious close in shots of product, food and cooking where you can feel the sizzle against your face, but it's also a story of social media. Probably the best movie I've seen that deals with the reality of Twitter, et al. That Facebook movie the other year wasn't about Facebook per se, but the roots of Facebook.

And a little child shall lead him.

No surprise, our chef is divorced from Sofía Vergara and is failing at dad duty, even as his career is being torpedoed by the owner and the blogger -- and Chef's blowup shitstorm on Twitter, which he doesn't quite understand. No worries there, his kid does.

What the kid does not want is the artificial busy dad with dad "doing" things. He wants to hang with dad. And oh boy does that work.

So where does the food truck come in? Well, Chef is fired and/or quits -- this is not a spoiler secret -- and his ex-wife has been trying to get him to go on his own with a food truck via her first ex, wacky Robert Downey, Jr. The always good John Leguizamo shows up to help his food truck get off the ground.

One could say it's a bit cutesy, that the plot can be predictable, and for a movie with such a cute kid what the fuck is it doing with an R rating. Oh. Cooks. Language. Gotcha.

You don't see modern films do a multiple split screen anymore, but on a big screen it's very effective. And we missed a big chunk of credits, because we were so sucked into a video clip on part of the screen with a chef showing Jon how to do a grilled cheese. Serious grilled cheese.

This is the best movie about cooking since Ratatouille. (grin) And it's not so much a message movie as one about life. And food. Glorious food.

HIGHLY Recommended

TRAILERS: The Hundred Foot Journey I've seen before. French Helen Mirren has a Michelin star French restaurant in France. Across the street a family starts an Indian restaurant, after their car breaks down? It's a competition between cuisines and attitudes and generations and food. We'll see it. No other trailers made an impression a couple of days out.

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