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HBO 16 -- Frequency -- Galaxy Quest

Sixteenth session: Frequency (conclusion)
And now it gets complicated. Especially with the radio broken. And our hero father making what are probably bad choices.

I liked the big fight at the end, in two time periods. It's hard to keep up and the ending is a bit if a surprise.

They show changes in the timeline with morphs. It shouldn't work that way, but it looks better for the movies. And as I noted before, John never gets his original life back. Good for him, but one wonders what ripples those changes made to everyone else. That's a problem with time travel stories where you change things -- they are incredibly selfish.

I suppose we are supposed to believe that father and son communicated between the years not just through the solar flares/auroras, but possibly a resonance caused by the same radio in the same place -- otherwise everyone would do it. Except that technically speaking, it's not the same place. We're spinning, orbiting the Sun, orbiting around the galaxy and the galaxy is moving. I'll tell you why we've never seen time travelers -- they're all dead from getting dumped into vacuum. (grin)

My question at the end is: if the softball game is between NYPD and FDNY, then why are father and son on the same team?

Galaxy Quest
... is the finest Star Trek ever made. I don't view it as a parody, but a loving homage. It honors the original TV show, the idea of a reboot, reality, space opera and fandom. And the cast? Puh-lease... Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shaloub...

Two words set up the whole movie: Historical Documents. Also, the whole why would you do it this way? It's insane!

If you haven't seen this, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? (evil-grin)

Seriously, though, they knew how to tap into the love, have a few cringeworthy moments, let them play their parts while still confused about how much trouble they really are in, panic, then redemption. At least this crew seems to know the canon by episode number so they can use shorthand in conversations and actually come up with crazy plans.

The mocking, if you want to call it that, is gentle. The commander diving and rolling instead of walking like everyone else -- does that make you feel better? Yes. The computer and the "Uhuru role". And redshirts...

We're up to my favorite part of the movie, where Saros thinks he's won because the commander is fake. But a fake dragging a whole minefield after him.

We'll finish this and then on to Godzilla.


Another rainy, muggy day. I tried to get off at Ottawa Avenue, but couldn't complete my lane shifts from the left. So had to deal with the detours again to get to Butterworth Hospital.

I had Paul's N2020. Took some pictures into the woods in the front yard when I got home.

Dr. Phil

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