They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Beating Us To A Pulp To Tenderize Us

Somewhere in my drive I thought I saw gas at $3.59.9/gallon. So when I left Physical Therapy, I checked out the gas prices in Allendale. They weren't $3.59.9/gal.

Mobil and Family Failure were at $3.95.9/gal. Really? Or had I been dyslexic earlier? If it was just Family Fare I'd joke that they were preparing for this weekend's 75¢/gal discount coupons. As it is, I suspect we're merely being softened up for the Fourth. Gas will cross into four buck territory, then we'll be thrilled we get $3.95.9 gas for the holiday.

Of course on the west side of town, traffic was snarled at 68th Avenue. I then realized it wasn't quite at the intersection, but minivans and SUVs trying to stuff themselves into the Admiral gas station. Once again they held back and were running $3.52.9/gal for regular.

Predictable. On all sides.

Dr. Phil

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