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HBO 20 -- Lost In Space -- The Matrix

Twentieth session: Lost In Space (conclusion)
There is a semi-time travel motif to the third act of Lost In Space. And they even manage an Omega-13 do-over. The second act is a Don't Go Down Into The Basement movie. Hint: you have a giant robot and have found a strange ship which may be from the future with no people but the power is on. Send the damn robot.

Any signs of intelligence in the first act are pretty much gone by the third.

And guys? Lost In Space was a kids show -- as opposed to Star Trek. You got the Major putting the moves on Judy in the control room, offering to do her right there? Is this Top Gun? In a kid's movie? Or so adults of a certain vintage might think?


The Matrix
The unit just has the first movie, but that's okay. Matrix 2 and 3 have been in heavy rotation on cable for the last year. Like Star Wars, though, if they had never made another Matrix movie, we would have been content. And my, it has been a long time since I've seen The Matrix. The initial opening with Trinity -- I haven't seen that in years.

This movie just exudes style. And there's some deep, almost anime-like conversations, a la Ghost in the Shell.

Neo has just taken the red pill, they're tracking him and is about to be flushed.


End of fourth week of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy. Depending on whether it's 30 or 40 treatments, I am either two-thirds done or halfway. There won't be a Friday the Fourth of July session next week, which will mess up my nice multiples of five at the end of each week. It's going well. Though one of the side effects is distance vision is a little off. The pressure tends to flatten the eyeball a bit. The one doctor had warned me that now was a lousy time to get new glasses. (grin)

Sorry this Friday report is so late. Been busy.

Dr. Phil

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