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Schulers Expands

The 21st century has not been kind to that most American of institutions, the local bookstore. The rise of ebooks, self-publishing, the web in general and the many-headed hydra Gorgon of the Internet that is Amazon in particular. Yet some bookstores thrive.

Yes, yes, I am part of the problem. Our use of Amazon has gotten worse since we (a) got Kindles and (b) my mobility has gotten curtailed. I really can't say when we were last in a physical bookstore.

Schulers has been a local institution for years. There were, just a couple of years ago, three stores in Grand Rapids and two in Lansing. Alas, they closed the downtown store last year and the Alpine branch earlier this year.

So I was pleased to read in yesterday's GRPress email digest that Schulers had bought Nicolas Books in Ann Arbor MI.
On Monday, June 30, the Fehsenfelds announced their agreement to purchase Nicola’s Books, at 2513 Jackson Ave. in Ann Arbor’s Westgate Shopping Center, from owner Nicola Rooney.

“We all came to the conclusion that this is a pretty good fit,” said Bill Fehsenfeld. “She wanted to retire and this is a nice extension of our business.”
I know enough Michigan authors and readers that I have heard of Nicolas Books, though I have hardly ever spent time in Ann Arbor and have never been there. Still, I think that one local bookseller helping out another is a good thing. And Schulers has a long history of doing author readings and signings.

This is good news.

Dr. Phil

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