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HBO 21 -- The Matrix

Twenty-first session: The Matrix (conclusion)
No question that The Matrix has style. And in this first movie, they had no qualms about building a great ensemble cast -- and kill most of them. And Lawrence Fishbourne? We first saw him as a corrupt prison guard on Miami Vice and have loved him ever since. Even in those Kia luxury commercials -- do you pick the red key or the blue key? (hee-hee)

And Keanu Reeves... sometimes we feel we're the only ones who like him, though that can't be true or he wouldn't anchor so many movies. Though the best Keanu joke is that he's a great actor, running the gamut of emotions from A to B. (grin)

There's a lot a talk about comics, cartoons, anime, manga, etc. in terms of live action film and action scenes. The serious slow motion feel of The Matrix and its Bullet Time is iconic and terribly effective. Even when it's filled with unnecessary dives and rolls. (grin) Love the training programs -- and the loading program with subway train look of the gun racks. We know that being in the Matrix isn't real, as if life in an action is ever real, but there is a cleanness to the Matrix, even when it's dilapidated... and inevitably raining, compared to the gritty, greasy and used look in the real world.

I recently read that the iconic styling with the dark glasses was a happy accident. They needed to hide the eyes to go from live actors to CGI and back without hitting the uncanny valley.

Overall, a great effort.


The Matrix finished with two minutes to go in dive, so just laid back and decompressed. Usually I'm still watching a movie. This time it's quiet. Do I usually hear popping in my joints? I mean, the sessions don't really feel like anything, except it feels warm as the pressure goes up and it cools as the pressure drops.

Before the dive I saw Dr. Hodgson next door. The hole in my foot is 100% beefy red tissue -- this is good. We'll not know if the antibiotics are dealing with the heel bone for a while. Will need a new x-ray or MRI to see what's going on. No value in poking that deep to take samples. And of course I still feel fine -- and feel nothing in my foot.

Dr. Phil

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