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HBO 23 -- Minority Report -- Mission To Mars

Twenty-third session: Minority Report (conclusion)
Agatha, one of the precogs, has spent years floating in a tank of water. Much like Neo in The Matrix, who had never used his muscles, Agatha does a terrific job of walking unsteadily and writhing around when confronted with Crow's impending murder. But realistically, she shouldn't have been able to do that much. I could hardly sit up last summer after eight weeks on my back.

One of the things to like about this movie are the shifting perspectives. Characters change in your mind between being good and bad, so things are not as they seem. Particularly pleased with what they did with the agent from Justice. And I like the complications of the woman who helped invent precrime and her zoo of nasty plants ordered from the Harry Potter catalog.

I have always loved the very end, where the three former precogs are far from anywhere in a cabin stuffed to the gills with books. It is possible -- even probable given Hollywood's science literacy -- to really like an SF movie without believing its premise. Or its tech. Though the latter is assisted by having the tech not work right all the time -- cereal boxes that don't turn off when you shake them. (grin)

Mission To Mars
This movie and Red Planet both came out in 2000, trying to convince us that going to Mars wasn't interesting enough without aliens. Mission To Mars has the better underlying bones to the space program, but they fail in several critical areas of design implementation.

The destruction of the ship and bailing to the resupply REMO module, the dynamics are all wrong. And wouldn't you brake into a Mars orbit? So the engines are facing the wrong way. And if you are that close to burning up, your altitude is way too low.

Hint: Don't try to be a hero, go find your spare helmet when the situation calls for it. Odd to watch decompression going on whilst inside a compression tank.

Just had the reunion in the greenhouse -- a very The Martian moment. Weir's book is way better, on how one man in a spacesuit can survive alone on Mars. Space Cowboys next? Don't want to spread Braveheart over the three-day weekend.


Wednesday I had PT before HBO -- 11:30 with Craig, my usual therapist. First time since before WisCon, so had some updating. Ran through the history for the student shadowing Craig
-- and also the director of physical therapy who wanted by -- she was impressed by the range of Spectrum's PT offerings I've had, in hospital, at home, outpatient.

Smoother sailing home on Wednesday than Tuesday.

Dr. Phil

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