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20,000 Librarians Walk Into A Vegas Casino...

I read this piece to Mrs. Dr. Phil this morning, about the recent -- this past week? -- American Library Association's Las Vegas convention. It came on my Facebook feed, except when I went to share, Facebook knew better than I did, so updated in the meantime. I tried scrolling down to find it, but Facebook knows better than to let you see something you were just looking at. I thought the link came from Michigan writer Merrie Haskell, but going to her Facebook wall, Facebook knew better and wasn't displaying all her posts.

I hate Facebook.

Eventually, since I was on the Kindle Fire HD, I gave up on the semi-useful Facebook app and returned to the Silk browser, where the History function found the post I wanted to link to. Go Amazon. The next step would've been Google...

ANYWAY, part of the reason why this linked blog post from Curious City was interesting was it was about librarians and the unreality distortion field that is Las Vegas. Plus the title, which I used for my title, sounds like the opening to a great joke.

Frankly, I've never been to Vegas. I imagine that most of the professional meetings (American Physical Society March Meeting) and conventions (WorldCon) I go to are just too small and would be swallowed up and trampled over in Vegas. American Chemical Society Summer Meeting might be on a par with ALA. Someday I'd like to go, just to hit some of the restaurants and maybe a show. But it's not a high priority. We'll go back to Finland long before a first trip to Las Vegas.

I have flown over Las Vegas at night, which is pretty amazing, actually.

Anyway, 20,000 librarians walk into a casino in Vegas... And they talk.

Dr. Phil

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