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The Other Side Of Town

While we had some rumbling weather Sunday night -- and a very loud and bright lightning strike at 1:11am -- way on the other side of town there was a tornado. Some 30-40 miles from here.
KENTWOOD, MI — Sunday evening's severe weather occurred with no advance notice, catching even officials off guard, said Jack Stewart, the Kent County emergency manager.

The storm created significant damage and lifted soon after radar images could detect the possibility of a tornado in Kentwood. At the time, the storm did not meet any of the three criteria necessary to sound the county's civil defense sirens, Stewart said.

Forecasters have determined a high-end EF-1 tornado touched down, blowing debris with winds upward to 110 mph. A tornado is classified as an EF-2 at 111 mph.

via MLive/GRPress
Naturally the news story was about why the sirens didn't go off. (grin)

There have been only a few tornadoes here in West Michigan since we moved down here some 23 years ago. A nearly EF-2 is unusual. I believe the last local tornado was an EF-0. It looks to me like the Great Lakes ameliorate this being the eastern edge of Tornado Alley.

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