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HBO 26 -- Braveheart

Twenty-sixth session: Braveheart (continued)
Mel Gibson kneels to his father-in-law who finally lays a hand on his head to give him his blessing. And then we're off. If only the clans and the lords didn't fight all the time.

William Wallace takes out the local detachment and slits the throat of the man who killed Murran. Then the wooden fort, and gives the lord to the husband whose marriage night was interrupted by that horrid prima nocta. Ball on a chain meet head... thud.

Hardly the point to deal with historical realism/inaccuracies, because this is epic filmmaking which is really what Gibson was after. I mean, it's the Battle of Stirling Bridge, but they called it Stirling because they had no bridge. And that's one if the modest ones. Princess Isabella didn't take Wallace as her lover -- she was three. (grin)

My mother worked with a man named Wallace who claimed ancestry. He had great fun with picking nits at the historical errors. And yet the film is still compelling.

Mel has been stretched and racked and offered mercy. It is going to get very grim tomorrow. Virus will be up next.


Monday the second tape slipped from the box and the cartridge broke. Amazingly, they had two sets of Braveheart, so the tape change proceeded today after Longshanks pondered what to do.

Two wheelchairs lined up for transport to HBO. I was second -- no problem.

We continue...

Dr. Phil

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