They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Memo To Self -- Don't Run An IV With Pants On

This is not TMI, rather consider it a friendly PSA.

So I have this PICC line for running home IVs twice a day of antibiotic. Been over a month now. Usually I wear sweat shorts and a couple of t-shirts -- it's easier, especially with the extra undressing/dressing cycles of the HBO sessions at Butterworth Hospital. Tonight, however, we had dinner in Holland with Momcat and Joe. Been a year and more since I've seen them both for dinner -- even missed a dinner when I was recently in hospital. I was not going to miss this dinner -- it was wonderful and the food was good, too. Watching most of extra time in Netherlands-Argentina in semifinal World Cup futbol on five screens a bonus.

I started wearing suspenders in grad school. Two shirts, one tucked in and one over the suspenders. And therein lies the problem. Around 90 minutes of a two-hour infusion, I had to hit the bathroom. Perhaps you can see the problem.

With two canes, I can't walk to the bathroom with the IV stand, so I've perfected a way of looping the tube and carrying the bag, then propping it up on the top shelf.

And... had to thread my outer t-shirt along the IV tube, then carefully get the suspenders off my right shoulder without ripping the PICC line out. Didn't think to disconnect the IV back at my chair where the supplies are. And when you're on Lasix, you don't have the luxury of going back and forth while carrying an armed and live bladder. And I ain't talking about the IV bag.

Made it, even did it without any painful tugs. But next time I come home from dinner, I'll either change or disconnect. (grin)

The things you learn... oh, and you're welcome.

Dr. Phil

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