They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Oh... wait...

I took KATNISS, the Asus Eee PC Windows 7 machine to WisCon, and haven't touched it since I got home. Plugged it in, let it get a little charge them booted it and did a LiveUpdate for the Symmatec Antivirus, since the last update was back on 22 May. I had run LiveUpdate before WisCon so I wouldn't have a big update on the 3G hotspot. That was nearly two months ago, so I knew the "update" would essentially be the equivalent of a reinstall. 169MB. Went pretty fast.

Then I let it sit for a while, shut it down and restarted. Really, Microsoft? Two months and you don't have 46,328 updates? I let it sit through most of Robocop 3 and cycled it again. Still nothing.

Just as I was shutting it down before packing it up, I remembered. I had turned off automatic updates before WisCon, so I wouldn't have to scream at it to write my one-hour story and not suck down the metered megabytes on the 3G WiFi hotspot.

Okay, I can live with that for the weekend.

Dr. Phil

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