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And now we get to the big blockbusters of the summer. Last week's Lucy was #1, but this should be a huge opening weekend. Or rather it damn well better be. Still, the Holland 7 parking lot was pretty empty at 1:25pm, filling in quickly. Maybe 30-50 at our showing, including another handicapped user. He had a power wheelchair and a relatively quiet ventilator. I was glad he got out to the movies. And you can never feel sorry for yourself -- I'll keep the walker, the two canes, the AFO brace, and the bandage, thank you.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3D [PG-13]
Holland 7 Theatre #5 1:45pm 2x$9.00

We've seen more and more evidence that Marvel has done it right. Comics to movies, Marvel is the game. The Avengers and company are serious, with a twinge of humor. Guardians of the Galaxy? It's comedic gold with a twinge of seriousness. Oh lord, what a fun romp.

First we have a killer cast.

Zoe Saldano has become quite the SF action movie heroine. As Uhuru she had the green girl roommate at Star Fleet Academy and was the blue girl in Avatar. Now she is the green girl. And one helluva kickass fighter.

I know Vin Diesel is really a nice guy and not a hardass. I can imagine him in drama class being told to Be The Tree, holding his arms out and trying to feel the wind rustling his branches, the warm sun on his leaves... Well, Vin Diesel IS the tree. With just one line. "I am Groot." And he's so good he makes you believe.

Drax isn't just the heavy fighter guy, he's literate -- and literal. Also prone to act without thinking it through. "My name is Inago Drax. You killed my family. Prepare to die." Starlord/Peter is a charming rogue, even smoother than Han. But if Han understood the Wookie, the raccoon understands the tree.

Rocket Raccoon, the only 100% CGI character in the bunch, is the star of the show and the brains of the operation. Starlord is the heart, but Rocket will grow one.

There's a plot. It's actually a bit engaging. But by golly they remembered to write a script and not just a bunch of wisecracking lines. There are sudden course changes and a huge set piece battle. And history. Lots and lots of history, of which we only know a fraction.

Guardians of the Galaxy does not disappoint. I have been waiting for this one for a while and we got a great, good-looking blockbuster here, with an engaging cast. See it in 3D if that works for you. They did a nice job, not too overt or overblown. But should be just fine in 2D. Also playing in IMAX 3D.

Oh, and for once they actually advertised a Dr. Phil Special at the end of the credits. Maybe 80% audience stayed for it -- for once we were not the last to leave.

HIGHLY Recommended

TRAILERS: From the pregame First Look program, they showed some nice bits of the crosstime Highlands series Outlander. Alas, it's on Starz, which we don't get. And it's not a new Highlander series. 3D movie, so 3D trailers. The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, and with the third installment, and Peter Jackson's last effort, it gets serious. The Box Trolls is amusingly animated, about a human boy raised by box trolls -- trolls that live in boxes and disappear in them. Also recycle and reuse cast off stuff from the humans. Complications ensue. Cute. And Riff Trax LIVE - 1998 Godzilla... it needs robots. I miss the robots.

Dr. Phil

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