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About That Helsinki in 2017 WorldCon Bid

Helsinki made a late bid for the 2015 WorldCon, but it might have been too late and so it failed.

So there's a Helsinki in 2017 bid, and while there's stiff competition from... is it Washington DC?, there's a lot to be said for Helsinki in 2017.

-- Finland has a national SF con, Finncon.

-- Finncon is huge, bigger than most WorldCons and gets government support as an arts festival.

-- Finncon also has an academic track.

-- So there's a clear track record here.

-- Also, 2017 is a big centennial birthday for Finland.

-- Also, Helsinki is a really cool city and we want to go back!

-- Also, it's a beautiful country. Architecture is a national obsession.

-- Also, in case you were worried, English is not a problem in Finland. Which is a good thing because Finnish is an amazing, but difficult language.

-- Also, they use €uros in Finland. Though Finland does not use eurocents -- everything is in increments of €0.05. They do sell 1 and 2 eurocent coins for collectors.

-- Need sidetrips? You could head north to the Arctic Circle. You could take the high speed ferry across the sea to Tallinn, Estonia. There's a new high speed train to St. Petersburg, Russia, in like four hours.

There was a Helsinki in 2017 party at WisCon, but I haven't uploaded any of my WisCon pictures or write-ups. I'm behind on my Detcon write-ups and photos, too, but we didn't go to any of the parties in Detroit.

Partial Recall, a Finnish fan blog mostly in English, has a nice piece today with info on how to vote for Helsinki in 2017 next year. A Loncon 3 membership to this year's WorldCon won't do it.

WorldCon site selection uses the same Australian rules balloting as the Hugo Awards. Helsinki in 2015 led in the first two rounds, but didn't get 50% -- and lost by 35 votes to Seattle in 2015 in the third round.

Anyway, I was thrilled we managed to get NASFiC in Detroit 2014 and had a spectacular Detcon1 in July. Now we need Helsinki in 2017 WorldCon.
Helsinki in 2017 is a bid to bring the World Science Fiction Convention, Worldcon to Helsinki, Finland in 2017. Our proposed time is from Wednesday 9 August to Sunday 13 August, 2017 and our proposed venue is Messukeskus, the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre. In addition to being a Worldcon bid, Helsinki in 2017 is our attempt to bring together European fans of science fiction and fantasy, and to connect all of us together as Worldcon fans.
August in Helsinki in gorgeous. (We know. We have data from 2003.)(grin)



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