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Stopped by the office in Kalamazoo for a few hours today. First time in 79 days. Had to drop off my Fall semester contract letter. No, August 7th isn't ridiculously late for a September 2nd starting class. The life of the adjunct is often dependent on waiting -- waiting for the money to get approved, waiting for the new fiscal year. Or in this case, waiting for my boss to get back from a month working in England and Scotland. (grin)

Sure, I could have mailed it, but August has some Thursdays left to it and, assuming my foot holds up, I need to get out of the house and do some things at the office.

For one thing, I've been needing to exchange some backups. So I used LARA, the HP netbook in the office and had the at-home SanDisk 128GB Cruzer flash drive backup of SUMMER, the tiny Fujitsu, on one side and the at-work Western Digital 500GB HDD on the other side, and pulled over part of the backup of WINTER, the twice as big as tiny Fujitsu that won't stay booted. And then update the SUMMER backup on the 500GB drive.

Of course, it didn't look like I had most of the backups. Fortunately I am wise to the ways of DOS, and adding the /H switch to include hidden files revealed all. More weird was glancing at the clock display, at one point, and it showed 2 o'clock, when I already knew it was after three. I was here in May, couldn't be a DST glitch... Oh, right. 79 days + old battery means that it was 02:06... on 1 January 2002. Okay, reset to 7 August 2014... And the Kindle Fire HD says it's 15:18. Since I knew I'd be doing stuff on LARA, I brought the Kindle to do webbing while I was waiting.

Of course computers weren't the only difficulty of the day. Driving down I typically stop at the Wayland Shell station to use the bathroom. Alas, the big stall was clogged and the little stall was occupied. Head on south. It was near noon, so I skipped the Citgo at "Dave" -- D Avenue is listed as D Ave -- and headed another mile on US-131 to the Rest Area. Which was closed.

So I headed on in.

At Everett Tower, I wheeled my walker to my office, used my canes back to the restroom... And there's a guy with tools all over the floor and the urinal as well. The stall was usable. The guy left. Another faculty member came in and marveled at the realization his mission was futile.

When I left, the workman had come back. And I saw he'd stuck an Out Of Order sign on the door. (grin)

Heard good news for the students. Last year the Physics Help Room got moved again up to a NICE third floor room. 22 years ago the space was in the Math and Physics Library, then part of the Rood Hall PC Lab. Carpeted, lit, quiet. Anyway, the Math Tutoring Room has moved next door -- so when students try to get Physics people to help with Math, we can send 'em next door. It's not that we can't do the math, it's that we don't see eye to eye on how to teach the stuff. (grin) ALL of my college math classes have actually been math-physics classes. Whew!

Not many people around, but the four people I needed were there. Good successful trip. And Bonus -- almost saw a girl walk into a turning car, I was at the light across the street. Yeah, she was texting while walking. Alas, Darwin didn't get his sacrifice today.

The oddity of the day was noting some crabgrass sticking out between the slabs of sidewalk concrete -- but only on the little cutoff sidewalk between the handicapped parking and the main angled sidewalk. Not sure if this was due to lack if traffic or cutbacks in groundskeeping.

Anyway, it was a pleasant 85°F in Kalamazoo and sunny.

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