They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Dead In Allendale

What's up with restaurants in and around Allendale? Okay, okay, I know that the restaurant business has a high rate of failure. But I'm talking about good restaurants, i.e. ones we like. (grin) The Applebees are always stuffed to gills, wherever they land. Sigh.

Wednesday I discovered that the whole Sam's Joint chain seems to be gone. Today we drove past the Coopersville store at I-96 and Exit 19. The big road sign is still there, I just wasn't looking for it before. Maybe there was a note on the door, but the only thing posted on the door gives the hours. But it's closed and dark. Mrs. Dr. Phil noted there were still wreaths and Christmas decorations up. In August. We think that the cars we've seen in the parking lot may be an ersatz Park-n-Ride for Exit 19, as opposed to the overcrowded one at Exit 16.

And today? Well Mrs. Dr. Phil ran into town to Fajitas in the shopping area built at the old grocery store site. Going to get tasty takeout, including a large guacamole with these really excellent homemade tortilla chips. THEY were closed, with a sign saying that Somebody's Tacos would open soon. How the hell does a Mexican restaurant fail in a town with a university and where the other big Mexican restaurant in town closed only because it burned down, not due to lack of interest in good food.

Anyway, she went another mile down the road to Aroy Thai in Allendale. Gotta support our new Thai restaurant.

Because you never know how long your favorites will last...

Dr. Phil

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