They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

The Mid-Summer Rains of August...

... Come Slipping In On The Patter Of Little Cat Feet...

It threatened rain on Monday, but not much. Late night and now midday, a gentle rain has fallen and temporarily cut out the wonderful August bug sounds.*** I guess July was fairly dry. But between the mild summer, not even in the 90s, and irrigation, all the produce has been exceptional. Some of the best sweet corn ever. And tomato sandwiches. (grin)

My mother always talks of the crop reports when they were at Champaign-Urbana after WW II, and no matter what, "it was good for the corn". There are some good stands of field corn nearby.

Anyway, a dreary day while the 1999 Bravada gets a new radiator. (double-trouble-grin)

... Or Storm And Stomp In As Dragoncats Do, Flooding The Wastelands And Gushing Forth From Every Point That Dares To Be A Crack...

I was quite surprised to hear that areas around Detroit were pounded. NPR this morning only mentioned 3" of rain in Toledo. But in Detroit I-75 and I-96 were flooded, two big thoroughfares, and I think I heard that all of Southfield was under water.

A friend had photos of water in the streets stretching onto the lawn, and the water at the car in the driveway close to the axle. Admittedly, compact car tires are much smaller than our trucks, but this is getting to the door sill levels which would flood the car interiors. Eek. Basement photos showed a few inches of water, later updated to a foot -- and a friend of theirs reported three feet of water in the basement. The water turned brown, as it bubbled out of the toilet. I see lots of bleach in their future.

Though this is way more than the inch we got in April 2013, the damage is similar. Decades of one's life, stored in the basement, are gone in minutes.

If this happens to you, please take it seriously. Damp, mold and structural water damage could be the least of your troubles. We contracted ServPro to come in, lug and dispose, then disinfect and inspect. Even at Sunday overtime rates, those were hours well spent. They warned that brown or not, consider any water coming into the house as contaminated.

Heed this! I already had the blister on my heel, but the big bacterial infection I am still fighting some 478 days later, probably originated here. Watch out for ANY blisters or cuts on your feet while wading through your newly added indoor swamp. And if you see water moccasins in your basement, move.

This hurts. So sorry, Detroit...

Dr. Phil

*** UPDATE: That, and the fact that it's 62°F at 2:45pm on the 12th of August. Feels like fall.

UPDATE 2: It's 5:24pm and the heat is on.

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