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Funny how things work. We mainly do movies at Holland 7. It's rare we go to the Holland 8 -- and now we do it twice in one week? Three times this year? Crazy.

Had to swing through Allendale to pick up some Rx refills and tomatoes and peaches -- the former came in with us in the walker's basket and the latter were stuffed in the small blue soft GVSU cooler. When we got the IV supplies, the bags were packed in a large reflective Mylar insulated bag. One of those went over the cooler.

Normally we take the Bravada when travelling together. That means transferring the walker, the handicapped parking hang tag, plus major readjustment of the seats. But I'd just cleared out the front seat of the Blazer this week to get Mrs. Dr. Phil back up to Chevy to get the 're-radiatored Bravada. So I offered the Blazer. Which is why I had the Mylar bag with us -- I've had one with me all summer.

The Giver [PG-13]
Holland 8 Theatre #4 3:00pm 2x$6.50

And the YA dystopia beat goes on.

It would be so easy to complain that this is a me-too followup to The Hunger Games or Divergent, but it appears that this is based on a 1993 novel, so let's get the order straight here. Why should The Giver come out after the others? I suspect that though there are four novels, they do not appear to be as linearly connected as the others, making it a harder sale.

Sort of like Divergent, but prettier, The Giver is a perfect Community, where everything is well maintained, determined -- and in black & white. Unlike Divergent, you don't choose your fate, it's chosen for you. In both stories, the goal is to get rid of the human excesses that cause war, etc. Here it's done by leveling the population with drugs and regulating everything with Rules. It's all perfectly seamness.

The thing is, innovation and passion are gone. The deeper you go in this movie, the more advanced the tech is. Impossible stuff by today's standards and I doubt they could develop it now. It's a stagnant equilibrium and most of them don't even know. It's Pleasantville on steroids. And color is coming.

Since it's YA, the three friends we meet are as exuberant and as full of life as their clueless existence allows. And they are about to graduate and be assigned their positions. Of course we know this won't end well, but the set up is very nice. Jonas is to be the next Receiver of Memories. Jeff Bridges will pull the curtain back and reveal their secrets. Meanwhile, Meryl Streep is the leader who oversees some, but not all, of what's going on. Look, it's a stagnant utopian dystopia, so we know our hero will break it. How and why, and what happens to the lack of perfect timing -- this is intended to keep you on the edge of the seat. For my money, this is what happens when you release a 1½ hour movie -- when it should be two at least. It's rushed. It spoils it a bit.

The ultra clean monochromatic white is very oppressive and beautifully filmed. The Library is to die for. The ending is... a bit confusing. Metaphor? Real? Hallucination? Now that I know there are three more novels, it affects my thinking on this, but doesn't take away any of the power of this future.

And now I have more books to buy...


TRAILERS: When The Game Stood Tall, another inspiring Texas high school football movie, after a ten year unbeaten streak ends. Looks good. Probably is predictable. Unbroken we just saw the trailer on Wednesday. Paddington brings Paddington Bear to life, sort if like Ted. The trailer is mostly a scene involving a bathroom going very wrong. Will wait on reviews, to know if it has the heart of the books. The Mazerunner involves a youth prison inside a deadly maze? Based on another dystopian novel. Alexander's And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is Yet Another Hollywood update of a classic children story. Sorry, this shouldn't be a Steve Carrell movie. And finally, the Big ONE -- Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Very secretive project. But as soon as I heard Matthew McConaughey's voice, I knew it had to be this movie. Dust bowl looks good. The spacesuit looks good. The glimpses of the starship look clean. We shall see. Comes out the beginning of November.

Dr. Phil

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