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The Things You Find in Your Garage

"Congratulations, The Rabbit Died" -- not heard in doctor's offices anymore

The woman who checked in on our three cats while we were at WisCon 29, reported that the first day she found a dead baby bunny in amongst some paper bags of aluminum cans. No visible sign of disease or injury, just dead.

We've got lots of bunnies living on our property, which mostly has been allowed to grow unimpeded. Also lots of birds and other cool things.

As For The Bunny...

As my wife was taking things out to the vehicle Thursday morning, I heard a "complaint" issuing from her general direction. She says she must've bumped something and knocked over one or two of the bags of aluminum cans (Michigan has a 10cent refundable deposit) when she went down the steps, but the Blazer was pulled up too far to get back there to stand them back up. I told her to ignore 'em -- we'd pick it up later.

She was surprised to find them standing back up in their bags again when we got back -- wondered if our friend was a neat freak. But the end part of the story was revealed when she called to let our friend know we were back, safe and sound, and the cats were calmly ignoring us, so they were swell and normal -- and our friend told us about finding the bunny and calling her son to come by and "take care of it."

(Insert image of little bunny gangsters, piling the body into the back of a nine-inch high roadster and driving off with the headlights dark...)

Back to the Beginning

But my theory is that the bunny got trapped in the garage when one or the other of us came in on Wednesday, and it was camped out under the safety of the red Blazer's nose. My wife coming out with armfuls of luggage and coming down the stairs might've just scared the poor thing to death. Because the red Blazer was parked over to the left a little more than usual, so there's no way that anything my wife could've done would touch the bags of cans and knock them over. And we wouldn't necessarily have seen the little dead bunny as we backed out. I, of course, was busy minding the mirrors so they didn't run into the frame of the garage door on one side, or that we'd sideswipe the 3rd Blazer parked outside on the other side as I then turned the wheel and backed into our turnaround. (I have such a long commute, we keep three Blazers so that one or two might be running at any given occasion.)

So much for the Great Circle of Life...

Dr. Phil

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