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Ack! Part 2

Internet fail.

It's nearly fifteen hours since Jamie and Adam thanked Kari, Tory and Grant for some ten years of service on Mythbusters as their B-team -- and so far I haven't seen any real discussion of what happened, even whether they were fired. Ten minutes of Googling only turned up a few websites, including USA Today, Detroit Free Press and the L.A. Times, and they all just had the announcement during last night's show and some re-Tweets of some gracious and thankful posts from Kari, Tory, Grant, Adam and Jamie, I think. Wikipedia isn't saying more.

The silence is deafening.
On last night's MythBusters season finale, Adam and Jamie announced an end of an era. Next season they will be going back to their MythBusters beginnings and will be hosting the show without Kari, Tory, and Grant. In this M7 retrospective, we salute the trio for everything they've given in the name of science.
-- Mythbusters page on
The lack of a farewell clip FROM the B-team, as opposed to a couple of the clips we see all the time, is disturbing. Last minute? Rancor? Fired by the network bean counters? Dunno. And in an industry marked by leaks and rumors, of a show beloved by tech savvy geeks, this is very odd.

Ferrett Steinmetz and a few others have posted bitter denunciations. One set of comments I saw talked about how far Discovery Channel has fallen in recent years, leaving Mythbusters a shining beacon. But we don't know.

I have certainly felt that Mythbusters has been neglected by Discovery the last two years. Once the week had numerous chances to catch reruns and lots of promotions for new episodes. Now it feels like I catch them by accident and vigilance on my part. As opposed to Shark Week, which has spilled over to many competing channels as well.

One can argue that perhaps this is a private matter. Yeah, right. The smell on this is not right. And sudden. And the void in news on the Internet doesn't look good. Sure, there are other things in the world more important to worry about, but remember -- Science Literacy is my job. It's 2014 and Discovery needs more science. We need more science.

And this is odd.

Dr. Phil

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