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Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons

After years of using the 1996 Blazer -- the Teal Machine -- as a single person vehicle, Mrs. Dr. Phil has ridden in it more in the last couple of weeks than... ever. Three times this week alone. Now if I can only keep it clean. (grin) Certainly easier than transferring the walker and hang tag between Blazer and Bravada.

Meanwhile, our travels around West Michigan have only highlighted the gas price insanity. Wednesday, regular was $3.30.9/gal, dropped to $3.26.9/gal Thursday afternoon. By evening we were seeing it thirty cents higher. Por que? Huh? Maybe it was the near 100% humidity which caused the gas price to SWOLE UP. Today, it was dropping... $3.52.9... $3.51.9... $3.48.9..., though Family Fare in Allendale was still up at $3.54.9/gal. Why? Dunno. But this was a weekend (Th F Sa) with 50¢/gal off coupons, so maybe they were cheating. Alas, no coupon for us. Had to get out early, before a grocery list.

But we did stop at Potters on the way home for more tomatoes and Red Haven peaches.

It always seems that these produce signs are done in the same "font". But of course the graph design is simplicity itself. White background, all caps letters painted with a thick brush -- of course it looks like the same sans serif font. Note the color coding for each item. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Today's field trip was a run way to the other side of town to Celebration Woodland, the second run theatre in the Jack Loeks chain. There was one blue handicapped parking spot left -- win! But could we see our movie? It was 12:24, there was a line -- and the 12:35 showtime wasn't listed. Worse, the monitor had what looked like the words Sold Out clipped after the title -- the only other thing of interest was Malificent at 1pm... oh wait, that's just the title chopped up.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2D [PG-13]
Celebration Woodland Theatre #11 12:35pm 2x$5.00

This came out in April and we just never got around to it. Thank goodness that it's another of the marvelous Marvel movies, because it was very popular and four months later, still playing in town. There were just two in the small theatre when we got seated, but more kept filing in. There may have been twenty all told -- pretty good for a first show on a Saturday at any point in a movie's run in Grand Rapids.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier follows Captain America: The First Avenger of 2011 and the next year's marvellous Avengers. Wikipedia reminds us that this was the "ninth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)". Guardians would be the tenth. There was plenty of eye candy for 3D and IMAX 3D, but 2D was certainly good.

This movie has been out long enough I am not particularly worried about spoilers -- consider yourself warned.

Steve Rogers is such a good character -- practically the anti-Tony Stark. And Scarlett Johansson rules 2014. She has become such a kickass action heroine, no matter what her hair color -- it's red for this movie. There's been a clamor for a Black Widow movie. There's a perfect opportunity with all her aliases blown at the end. Surely Marvel has been so clever so far, that they planned this? Please? Natasha keeps on trying to line Steve up with a date -- and they have these marvelous banal conversations about women from various departments at SHIELD, sometimes in the middle of the action. It's a sweet note of normalcy amidst all the unreality around them.

Falcon. Billed as the first black superhero. He's seamlessly introduced from the side, not a member of SHIELD and very different from Don Cheadle's role in the Iron Mans. Can't wait to see more of this Falcon. And SHIELD? Riddled with rot. We thought Steve Rogers had disposed of HYDRA back in WW II.

The Winter Soldier himself. He shares a bit with Vanko, the villain in Iron Man II. But as I mainly go along for the ride, rather than having devoured the Marvel canon in print, it never occurred to me that the Winter Soldier was Bucky, Steve's best friend and another deep freeze WW II refugee. Only he doesn't know who he is. On the other hand, I assumed that Nick Fury's death was faked. I mean, it's Samuel L. Jackson -- he had his asked-for big death scene in the Star Wars franchise. In fact, for a superhero movie, there are more hospital beds than I've seen since the bad Pearl Harbor movie the other year. Including a cameo by the British bombshell agent from The First Avenger -- now an old lady who helped create SHIELD.

Then there's straight arrow Robert Redford. Always plays the good guy, which was calculated I'm sure. He even explains his traitorous plot with such compassion -- saving seven billion and it only requires the sacrifice of twenty million. Only.

I half expected him to sit up and wipe his bloody mouth with his handkerchief a la The Sting after gunned down by Nick Fury. Thankfully, no.

Stan Lee has a cameo as a Smithsonian security guard -- great moment. "I am so fired."

The three Insight helicarriers are impressive, but Mrs. Dr. Phil wondered why no one noticed all the construction in the Potomac. Actually, Washington DC is always torn up. Would they really notice that much dredging and trucking in that much tonnage of parts? (grin) For me, could you place the main critical computer parts in a more vulnerable place than an open air platform on the exposed underbelly of giant ships flying overhead? What could possibly go wrong? Especially since it's guarded even less than the tractor beam controls in the Death Star. Of course they also have a tape drive era AI supercomputer with USB ports added, so it's not like they provide a realistic model for computing. (And what's up with massive storage and computing power USB drives -- we saw this in Lucy, too. Oh, wait. Scarlett Johansson. Got it.)

And if Guardians gives us the 80s soundtrack -- Star Lord's mix tape has become the number one album -- here we get a brief homage to Marvin Gaye.

We also get two hints of future troubles. Damned HYDRA keeps springing up new heads. And the head of the unit that was hunting Steve? He's burned and injured -- and not dead yet. Also Bucky is learning who he is. Does that make a third trouble? Or another ally? I for one will wait for more movies. Shoot, I have to still make up the last Iron Man and Thor movies. (sad-hospitalized-grin)

Well played, Marvel. Well played.


Trailers: 50:1, yet another horse racing movie. Down on their luck trainers get one last chance with Mine That Bird in 2009, who goes on to the Kentucky Derby with, drum roll please, 50:1 odds. Guardians of the Galaxy will eventually make it to Woodland. Of all the summer movies, this is the one we would both want to see on the big screen again. Exodus: Gods and Kings looks like Ridley Scott's The Ten Commandments.

Dr. Phil

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