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On Friday There Were Bees

Had a series of errands to do on Friday, including picking up some prescriptions. Now in the winter I got some impressive pictures of diamond snow and the snow banks. Here I swung back to look at this white bush -- hydrangea? -- out front, that seemed to be entertaining some bees. Bumble bees, it turned out. The medium small ones we have around here, not the really big fuzzy corkers we get out in the country. I had the whole D100 small camera bag, so I could park next to the bush and rack out to 200mm on the 80-200mm f4.5-5.6D AF-NIKKOR.

This is the last shot I took. Having to fight the autofocus a bit, as it didn't want to hone in on the bumble bee, but I could get the flowers. My little friend wasn't quite in focus, so I added a couple steps of sharpness. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Early on I snapped off three frames quickly -- the D100 runs at maybe 2,5 fps on Continuous, so I'm better off triggering multiple shots on Single. Two shots were wings down -- the middle one was wings up. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

AF did much better with the bumble bees crawling over the flowers, though they disappear into the flowers quite rapidly. This is a nice shot, I think. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Full resolution crop of same, with one step of Sharpen added. Despite the hazy light, it's not the camera -- these bumble bees have rather muted yellow colors in real life.
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Also took the time to run up to Chevy for an oil change. Was going to take the cutoff down to the bayou at Eastmanville, but Thursday night we'd seen signs for construction on the bridge over the Grand River and...

Flagman for single lane operations just south of Leonard on 68th Avenue. Cropped for better detail. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

They were actively working on the smaller bridge over the bayou. The bridges were replaced some ten years ago, but the concrete had chipped on the top due to road salt and cold. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

The turnoff, down to the little park created after they condemned the house between the bridges due to flooding a few years ago, is just behind the cement truck on the left -- you can see the brown sign on the right. As a result, I skipped driving down to the waterfront.

That's okay. Despite the hazy light and near 100% humidity, I scored some bumble bees, so it was definitely worth dragging the camera bag with me.

Dr. Phil

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