They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Anchors Away (snicker)

Sigh, I Have To Live With This...

Oh yes, we have to go there.

In the navy
Yes, you can sail the seven seas
In the navy
Yes, you can put your mind at ease
In the navy
Come on be bold and make a stand
In the navy, in the navy
Can't you see we need a hand
In the navy
Come protect the motherland
In the navy
Come on and join your fellow man
In the navy
Come on be bold and make a stand
Yes, this is Mrs. Dr. Phil with an anchor tattoo on the arm.

No, Mrs. Dr. Phil didn't join up. Or have a legendary shore leave. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Friday Mrs. Dr. Phil went back to GVSU after an early supper for the final freshman welcome evening bash at the library. And she ended up working a table on the fourth floor that was doing press-on temporary tattoos. The staff at the table of course had to test them out. Besides a State of Michigan -- please, both U.P. and L.P. -- and some others there was this anchor. What? We're not Hope College! True, but Grand Valley IS the Lakers, so...

Turned out that the anchor was their most popular tattoo. And the students managed to get up through all the floors. One of the goodies they were given were name stickers -- something like "This is my study spot" -- which they could put on the back of a chair. Sounds like fun. But methinks that the upper classmen will have some thoughts about this. (grin)

Of course, for me this just gives me the heebie-geebies. I can't stand the thought of ink or paint on me. So while I might admire excellent tattoo art and think temporary tattoos are a hoot for the kids, KEEP THEM THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME-EEE!

Dr. Phil

PS -- And yes, I know in the real world it's Anchors Aweigh, not Away. This is not the real world.

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