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My last week of freedom before the Fall Semester starts and I have two appointments this week. Monday was Dr. Stawiski, my foot surgeon.

As I've noted, we are not out of the woods yet, but things aren't dire either. Basically, the MRI can't tell us much right now. Why was it done then? Because there are three doctors involved and there was discussion about ten more hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions, and to get them approved required tests. Doesn't matter now, they decided not to. Don't really have time for ten HBO sessions anyway. Which was why I was trying to get every one hustle and make a decision.

I did tell Dr. Stawiski that she didn't have to beat around the bush. Amputation has been an option from the beginning. I would be happier NOT to. I can live with an AFO, canes, walker as needed. But if it has to go... In the words of Aragorn, "This is not that day!"

Anyway, a scalpel removed some of the surrounding dead skin. And there was some cutting around a previous slightly ingrown toenail -- damned left foot without nerves makes it easy to deal with, just no pain to let you know -- but overall, the exterior of the foot is in relatively good shape. Now if we could just get the interior fixed...

Wednesday I see Infectious Diseases, who will probably decide what's next after the current antibiotic. You can't stay on the same antibiotic for six months. Not if you want to kill things rather than come up with a new resistant strain.


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