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Today I had the Wound Clinic downtown at 11am. All the ducks, er, doctors lined up this week. Talked about what he was seeing, and what the other doctors were saying. For the moment, continuing on with what we're doing.

Go ahead, Dr. Hodgson said with a smile, beat the odds.

Hey, I'm happy to comply. As I've said, I can deal with a gimpy foot. And if sometime it has to come off, not quite like the foot on my original G.I. Joe which just popped off, well, it's not like I'd be losing a perfectly GOOD foot... (grin)

But today is not that day.

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Of course this morning was also the last day that the Spectrum Visiting Nurses would be by once a week, now that I was starting work on Tuesday. Funny to call it a discharge when you're already sitting at home. But we've even done this before, last year. Temperature good. Blood pressure the usual, 118/54. Breathing, peeing, pooping fine. Yup, in good shape if you don't consider that left foot.

This round has mainly been Rachel, who lives maybe ten miles from here. So it's been great to have her come by first thing at 7:45, after breakfast and before Mrs. Dr. Phil is off to work. Having somebody professional look at my foot every week all summer was important. Seemed a shame to put on a bandage that was coming off in a few hours, but we are WAY beyond worrying about quantities of medical waste.

Now with a couple of things to do at the office tomorrow, then one last three day weekend of the year, and we conclude this August Summer of 2014. All told, despite setbacks, very successful compared to the Year Without A Summer in 2013.

Dr. Phil

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