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a wizard of id

You know it's going to be an odd day when both elevators say they're on 5, the left one starts coming down, you press the up button, and the right elevator dings and opens on 1 despite it saying it's still on 5...

But you know that there's some sort of building problem because it is excessively humid, so you get in the elevator anyway. And properly get off on 2. Who knows what the indicator on 1 says?

But before you got there, it took almost two hours to get there... after you got on campus. There'd been a note in the university e-newsletter last week that university IDs were being changed. I'd say "again", but really I've been here some 22 years and this may be my fifth ID card -- and two of those changes were switching from Faculty to Grad Student and back. (grin)

So I figured I'd drive around to the Bernhard Center this morning and get it out of the way. Arrived 10:20. And... no parking spaces. The two handicapped spots were in use. And there were a number of cars in the Tow Away zones.

Twice spots opened up -- and I couldn't get them. Lots of families working on taking The College Kid around. Watched a couple of kids and their dad playing with an old golden retriever named Arby. Their Saturn SUV had one of those power lift gates -- which would close better if the back wasn't so stuffed. Funny to watch it close, only to open again.

After an hour, I decided to drive around one more time, missed a spot but another was open. On the left side of the drive with a curb, which made getting in and out exceedingly difficult. Went to stuff quarters into the meter -- the handicapped spots were free -- but it was jammed. Got the walker, rolled in, found a bathroom -- the button didn't work for exiting. Guy behind me helpfully pushed the button a few more times. Yeah, Sparky, the guy with the walker didn't think to try it.

People milling outside the BroncoID office. A line? No, waiting for their cards. Alas, I didn't get to keep my old one. The girl had only modest success getting the remote control camera to work right. Had to keep lowering my chin -- and I have a long torso and she couldn't figure out how to get the glare off the glasses. Then waited in the hall for the guy with the softest voice in the group to come and call names.

At this point I found myself across from the campus bookstore, which I haven't been in for years. Decided to look for a new WMU cap. Had to negotiate through a tangle of scattered clothes racks too narrow for the walker. Will not buy the ones in the same fonts and design for every other bloody school. Found a nice black with yellow trim hat with an embroidered W and Broncos horsehead. I have a very old brown Western hat that's pretty battered.

Had to loop way around the back of the store to get a free path out. Had to pass a big display of Moleskin notebooks. Looked at a small black book. Want something to pocket with me to make notes in class and office. Could work. Then a flat pen to go with it. Overpriced, of course, but look... here's a boxed set with both. And of course my shiny new Faculty BroncoID still gets a 10% faculty discount. So not quite as bad as it could be.

By this time I was at the other entrance, near the Blazer. But no power doors and three stairs here -- in the immortal words of Tim Gunn, I made it work. Along with two students who figured it was dumb to have to go all the way around the building to get to the same spot. Pulled out my quarter I'd left sticking out of the meter. Western doesn't need to get money out of me for parking.

Whew. Just about two hours. And look, there's a bunch of people gathered around a WMU sign for a picture... And one had a bucket. Yup. I got out the D100 and shot some administrator taking the ALS Ice Bucket plunge. (grin) In my comfortable air con, that made my day. Timing is everything.

Dr. Phil

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