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Dr.'s 2nd

By Monday my foot surgeon was pretty much on board with everyone else that we're in a wait-and-see mode through December or so. Despite the other doctors visit this week, consider Monday my final clearance for teaching this fall.

So Monday was time to enact my evil plan. The Kindle Fire HD I got in June 2013 was a real lifesaver in the hospital. It's not perfect -- no tablet is -- but I can get most of what I need to do online, and a certain amount offline as well. And even with WiFi on all the time, the battery life is decent.

I've used it at work, too, much as I used a variety of PDAs over the years. The idea was to get a work tablet. And I found that Amazon had refurbished Kindle Fire HDs (Previous 7" Generation), the same as mine. There's a lot of difference in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen Kindle Fires. Between me and Mrs. Dr. Phil, we've had all three. Sticking with what I have means all the same apps work -- Mrs. Dr. Phil had trouble with a few apps jumping from 1st to 3rd gen.

Now you can see why I was so ticked last week when we both had connecting issues, which I thought had to do with Amazon's SSL certificate server. How could I implement my evil plan and clone my tablet if the original was no longer working? But by the weekend order was restored in the universe and the planets returned to their orbits.

Alas, by the time Monday came around, I had to spend extra money. The 16GB units were not currently available. Since I wanted to have it for class on the 2nd, I went with the 32GB. Everything else was available -- a black leather case that uses a magnetic power control that I didn't even know was an option on the 2nd gen, the AC charger, a 3-pack of styluses and the nice Amazon Basic netbook bag, so I can have handles. Handles are good when you work with canes. (grin)

By the time I came home from ID and train chasing on Wednesday, all the parts were here, except for the magnetic cover. It came in an evening delivery. Interesting experience to download my current apps as needed. Today I took it into the office.

I went to download my music. I've bought about 11 songs to have a nice background buzz. But... Amazon Cloud said I had 381 songs under my Purchased Music. Huh? I realized that Amazon had matched my previous CD orders against the Amazon Prime free music list. Since the office WiFi is effectively faster, downloading them all was no problem. So I now have a bunch of Asia, Quarterflash and Phantom of the Opera. Great Big Sea. And more.

Huh. I like this cloning business -- and here's where Amazon's Big Brother/Skynet ways work for me.

As for the title of this post, based on my mailing address, Amazon has never quite figured out if my first name is Philip or Dr. (grin) So this Kindle Fire HD is Dr.'s Kindle and the new one is Dr.'s 2nd Kindle. Of course I always name my machines. The new one is LUCY, after the enhanced human being Scarlett Johansson movie. After all, it has twice the memory of the first one. (evil-grin)

Dr. Phil

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