They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
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Return To Tech

Something of a whirlwind trip. 1126 miles from Wednesday morning to Saturday night -- roughly a twelve hour run each way. A little less going up, a bit more coming down.

Turns out this was Homecoming at Michigan Tech. Not that that means what it does down here in the Lower 47½. Tech's football team isn't bad, but Tech is a hockey town. Not that the Huskies hockey team is as great as it was in the hey day. Mrs. Dr. Phil was in the Bookstore, where they had a sale on Tech apparel -- and most of the students buying stuff cheap didn't even know it was homecoming.

I suppose after twenty-five years this could be considered a homecoming year for me. So I celebrated in typical Tech fashion by leaving Saturday morning before the game. (grin) Grad school is different anyway.

My talk on Thursday went very well. I gave a nod in the credits to an obscure NASA website called Astronomy Photo of the Day. APOD is run out of Michigan Tech.

Outstanding meals with faculty and two lunches with students. The kids, and even some of the newer faculty, were delighted to hear stories about the old days. Department chair Ravi Pandey came as a postdoc -- after he got a tenure track teaching position, he was on my doctoral committee. It was good to see him.

Hopefully I'll post more this week. Some of the pictures will have to wait. I'd found a Nikon 72mm Polar linear polarizing filter -- the kind that doesn't work with autofocus and most digital cameras -- on eBay for cheap, as well as a faux Nikon LC-86 86mm lenscap. (Nikon makes their Polar filters bigger in the front to accommodate wider lenses.) Bottom line, my working Nikon F3 is the newest camera I can use with it and it takes 35mm film. Anyway, I used the 28-200mm f3.5-5.6D AF-Nikkor as a manual lens and slapped that big 72mm Polar on front.

This was my first invited talk not done in town. Gotta say it went well. Maybe someday it'll happen again.


Dr. Phil

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