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So... while I was out of town, the world didn't change.

Scotland voted No.

I didn't comment on it because it wasn't my fight. Oh sure, I'm an American, and as such I have opinions, often informed ones, about most everything. But I was also conflicted.

At first it seemed moot -- the No side had it. But in just the last couple of weeks, the Yes vote began to poll bigger and bigger. And London began to sweeten the pot. All to the point where at election time for Scottish Independence, it could have gone either way.

To me, I see the advantages of union. We fought a Civil War and denied the Confederacy. I've watched Quebec consider and manage to gain concessions from Ottawa without succession. Indeed, some are saying that it wasn't as much that Scotland voted FOR Great Britain, as they did for getting a good deal without the hard work and possible tough times of going it alone. If that's true -- good for them, too.

And while Braveheart and Rob Roy are movies which I am fond of, I won't claim to know either the real histories or the hearts and minds of Scotland. There is quite a lot of history saying that Scotland hasn't had a lark of a time all the time from the English. Hell, we had a revolution from that same Great Britain over far less.

Call it a double standard.

But the real reason I didn't write about Scottish Independence before, is because of a very personal reason that rightly had no bearing on anyone:

I didn't want to rewrite my 29th century universe since 1997.

About half my published stories are set in that universe and Scottish Independence wouldn't affect those stories. But I'm sitting on a bunch of stories set on the British side of things. And Scotland figures heavily in my future history. I'd hate to have to rewrite/rethink all that. Or play petulant revisionist and try to explain how Scotland rejoined the Union in say 2181 -- hey Scotland, this stupid American rejects your reality. Nope. That's not very polite. Plus if I ever finish and publish this stuff, why would I want to kiss off a target audience? (grin)

So... congratulations, Scotland. After a long campaign, you had your election. It is decided. For now.

And allow me a quiet moment of my own, for a sigh of relief.

Dr. Phil

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