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Go Ouest, Young Man

Well, it's here. OUEST. The 3-year-old laptop that the College of Arts and Sciences had as a bunch of leftovers, which they made available to part-timers and grad students. First time in 23 years that they provided me with a computer*** -- all my other work computers have been mine, bought with my own funds.

It actually arrived last week when I was up at Michigan Tech, while our technical guy said the college had reimaged the hard drive and gave it a once over. He brought it up on Wednesday -- but that was Exam 1 Day, so I didn't have time to play. Thursday I had other work to do. So today after my 10am class, I put away LARA, the HP Mini 1000, and set up the new machine on the laptop support sitting on top of the Micron keyboard. Next week I'll move it and hook it up to the monitor and keyboard, along with LARA.

The machine has some ridiculous long name so it can hook up with the network. But in honor of Western Michigan University, I call it OUEST -- French for west.

The particulars:

Dell Latitude | E6410
Windows 7 Enterprise Edition SP 1
230 GB HDD 199 GB free
Intel Core i5 processor 2.40GHz
4 GB memory
64-bit OS
Microsoft Office 2013 -- which can, in fact, open a Word 6.0/95 .doc document.

OUEST at work, sort of. Shut it down at 4:15 to get a good start for home. Oh, crap it's Windows 7... Processing 9 updates... I left at 5:02pm. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

It has an SD card slot in the front. I just bought a San Disk 8GB microSD card with SD card adapter this summer, it was cheap. I'll do like on LARA and put all my work files on that, so it can be removed. It isn't my PC, after all.

I was setting up my usual utility files, though a certain number of them don't work in Windows 7. One I find useful is CAL.EXE, a version of the UNIX cal.x program for DOS. But what I have was compiled for 16-bit. Windows 7 Enterprise is 64-bit and won't run those juvenile programs. I Googled "win 7 unix cal" and found a 32-bit version of CAL.EXE, which seems to work.


It's incremental.

Dr. Phil

*** - Actually, there was an office that had a compact Zenith 286 desktop leftover on the desk when I moved in. While it booted, it couldn't do anything, so it didn't count as a university provided machine. It was in my way. The day I ordered FOCK, my second Micron 166 MHz Pentium Windows 95 machine in 1997, to match HARTREE at home, the Micron I bought in 1996... the lid on my own Zenith MastersPort 386SLe laptop broke its tension spring and wouldn't stay up. I had to prop the lid against the monitor of the useless 286 for a week before FOCK arrived. For once the 286 had a purpose. Then I had it removed for the big 17" monitor. (grin)

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