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Huh? Now Explain THIS, Genius!

So... Tuesday I got gas in Allendale. Regular was $2.85.9/gallon, midgrade was $3.00.9/gal, and I didn't even have a coupon. That was at 7:40am.

Coming home around 6pm -- and gas everywhere was $3.25.9/gal.

That's a 40¢/gallon rise just during the work day.



What caused this? I turned on my radio, to catch either NPR news or MarketPlace on NPR. Alas, it's been raining lately and I have a ground problem with my radio, similar to the 1985 Blazer, and so the radio isn't working right now.

So later on after I was home, there were two news stories that "might" be connected, but as per usual, who the hell knows?

One -- the stock market, aka the Dow Jones Industrial Average of an indexed basket of reasonable stocks which changes over time, dropped 450 points. I haven't had a working radio for a couple of weeks, with the weather, but I'm pretty sure that last I heard the DJ was around 17,000 still. But whether 16,000 or 17,000, a drop of 450 is under 3% -- not 14%.

Unless you're sure that this volatility presages the sudden and utter collapse of the U.S. economic system, in which case $3.25.9/gal is way too low.

Two -- a Federal court said that yeah, Texas can implement their Not My Kind Of Right Thinking Voter Suppression Law, on the basis that it's too close to the election to consider allowing a free and fair election. In which case, perhaps the oil companies -- big in Texas -- decided that maybe they didn't have to sweeten the price of gasoline to discourage voters from voting in pols who might be antithetical to Big Business after all. Which had been my own personal crackpot theory of gas prices the last couple of election cycles.

There are gasoline price pundits out there, of course, but what fun would that be to hear what they had to say?

These gasoline blog entries are as much place markers for me as anything, so I can look back at October 2014 and remember.

I'm sure these posts and political side comments are just sterling stuff that my two or three readers can't wait to get their electrons wrapped around another edition.

And they say blogging in general and LiveJournal in particular are dead.

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