They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Progress Report #713596

A year ago I was counting down the days til being released from the Fuller Street facility and the 5th Floor rehabilitation unit. It has been an interesting and busy year.

Currently, the number one main wound on my heel is looking pretty good. Not much in the way of drainage, the foot surgeon trimmed off some hypergranulated tissue so it doesn't interfere with the nice granular tissue filling in underneath. It's satellite, which opened up connected to a previously known tunnel, is also healing -- after the second-to-disappear/first-to-emerge wayward piece of hydroferra blue got free. The outside edge heel wound, from which appeared the first-to-disappear/second-to-emerge wayward piece of hydroferra blue after several months and some 4" of travel inside my heel, is also looking pretty nice.

Of course, we always have excitement here. The NEW new site is on the inside edge of the heel. There was some callous tissue which had gotten very hard and we'd been treating it with a urea cream to soften it. Well, it softened enough that -- and this is my speculation -- that with the extra bandaging on the outside, it must have been irritated in the AFO foot brace, so that it blistered and formed a blood blister underneath.

Last night the blood let loose, which I had been expecting. So the bandage was bloody -- on the outside edge, cause it followed the bandaging around, since I sleep on my left side and gravity works DOWN.

As for the infected heel bone, no information. Still have another almost two months of oral antibiotics to go, and then go off those. In December we'll evaluate once again with everyone, and they'll figure out when I should get a repeat MRI. Probably some more bloodwork. See if I have any infection.

Can't make a real decision as to whether we keep the left foot, but so far no news ain't bad news. Infectious Diseases figures one can have an infected heel bone for a long time and manage. So no rush? Fine by me.

Last night got on the cellphone and reordered almost all of my prescriptions -- #'s 2, 7, 9, 11, 20.2 and 12, plus 6 -- everything but #8 since that comes in 90 day supplies and not 30. What, you think I'm gonna call all these things by their trade names?

So on any given day there's low grade excitement, otherwise we admire the absolutely gorgeous bandaging jobs that Mrs. Dr. Phil does. Better than the nurses and assistants do. Seriously.

I'm improving my stair climbing times, especially in the big lecture hall, 1104 Rood, which has the big shallow steps. Will probably soon try the basement steps in the house. After all, it's fall. And we talked about getting a new trio of kittens this fall to replace the last set we wore out. (mew!)

Dr. Phil

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