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Two weeks ago I mentioned my super-secret novel project. Still roaring on during odd moments.

Research has included oddities such as Maserati luxury sedans, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II, the Browning 1906 .25 ACP pistol, How To Kill A Bear With A 9mm Luger (Thanks, Jim Wright!), Scandinavian flags, five star hotels near the Vatican, the coast of Maine, the coast of Norway, Copenhagen, Catholic girls schools in Denmark, European seagulls and European lobsters, Nazis occupying Norway, real Danish pastry shops in Boston, Northwestern's academic calendars for 2017-18, and the WW I era Nieuport 17 biplane.

So the original shiny word counter becomes:

The Lost Kingdom Project D Novel


It is clear to me that this is going to turn in the direction of a YA novel, and there's no point to writing a REALLY LONG YA novel, when you can write The Canonical Trilogy -- and the story is nicely dividing up. So... a SF novel is about 100,000 words plus, fantasy these days may be longer. YA novels start more like 60,000 words, so 3 × 60,000 words = 180,000 words, so let's reset the shiny counter to 200,000 words for the trilogy:

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy

Yeah, yeah, I know. Write the first novel, get the publisher interested and THEN have them pay you to write the rest. But in this case, I need to know where things are going, so I might as well write the whole bloody thing and divide it up.

I had someone read a first draft of part of a chapter, in order to answer a research question, and they thought it was enjoyable. So I'm not totally off track. Meanwhile the world winds up for the next installment on the big screen of The Hunger Games. Perhaps someday they'll be beating down the door for the movie rights of The Lost Kingdom Project (Not Its Real Name)... I dunno, I'll settle for a big chunk of The Next Big YA Novel Buy. (grin) Guess this may be fantasy after all. (bigger-grin)

More anon.

Dr. Phil

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