They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

It Coulda Been Epic

So tonight was the seventh game of the World Series. We checked in at the start of the bottom of the second, tied up 2-2, no outs, no runners. Next thing you know, it's 2-2, 2 outs, in the 2nd. How symmetrical.

And then the Kansas City catcher comes up to bat. And gets drilled in the leg just about the knee. He goes down, it looks bad. Eventually he limps, barely able to walk, and makes it to first base. This is the World Series, after all, Game 7. There is no tomorrow for either team. Then the next batter flies out, inning over.

Next we glance in, it's 3-2 San Francisco.

When we finally come back, it's the bottom of the 9th. A run will at least tie the Royals and the Giants. Two runs will out and out win it for the home team. There's a man on base. Then a double play. And like that, it's 2 outs in the bottom of 9th, KC down 3-2.

A ball is hit to the outfield. If it's caught, the game is over and SF wins. The ball isn't caught. It runs on out to the outfield wall, where... it's booted. Is that one or two errors? The batter ends up on third. E8.

A hit will tie the game. A home run would win it.

And who comes to bat? It's the Kansas City catcher -- the guy who got nailed in the second inning. Still in the game. The count goes to 2-2, two balls and two strikes. Then two more fouls off from that.

If he could just hit a home run it would be talked about in the annals of the World Series for decades to come. It would be amazing. It would be storybook.

Pop up. Foul ball caught on the third base side infield.

Game over.

Series over.

San Francisco defeats Kansas City 3-2 and takes the Series 4 games to 3.

I didn't watch a lot of the 2014 World Series, but what I saw was good baseball. I really appreciated that it went the full seven games and that both teams managed to win in the enemy ball parks. Home field advantage did not win this Series.

Two days ago SF beat KC 5-0. Yesterday KC roared back and spanked SF 10-0. This was not a Series about one team giving up. Or one team dominating. This was a nailbiter down to the wire.

Okay, so it isn't still going on at 1:07am EDT, on its way to 22 innings. (grin)

But I'm good with that.

Just wait til next year, Cubs fans...

Dr. Phil

BONUS: Tonight's episode of Top Chef: Boston involved an elimination challenge served in Fenway Park, the oldest baseball park in the country -- just older than Wrigley Field. The table for the judges was set up on the warning track next to the Green Monster. Wonderful.

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