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For Once

It's 3:30pm EST and ESPN2 seems to be actually covering the Michigan at Northwestern football game in Evanston, "Just 4 scant miles from downtown Chicago."

And it's a windy, chilly day at Ryan Field (Dyche Stadium). Having been to a few games at Dyche, I have to say that it's a wind tunnel and that when the sun is behind the clouds and the wind blows and the temps drop into the 40s, it feels like the steppes of Siberia. The late afternoon sun is playing hide-and-seek. A 3:30 game is a lot tougher than a 1pm game.

Of course, it turns out we have a secret weapon -- a walk-on player in his first game, 33 years old with a wife and kids. And... is an active-duty Navy SEAL. You gotta love NCAA eligibility rules.

I have no expectations for this game. I've seen Michigan get trounced by a few teams this year and the newspaper coverage has been despondent outrage, but I guess they won last week, so the fans of the Maize and Blue feel that something still might be salvageable. As of last week, NU was still in the middle of the pack of their division, some good wins, some losses.

Both teams are in jeopardy of not getting a bowl bid, even with all the bids that the Big 10 seems to rack up every year. After suffering through years of being bowlless, the Wildcats have gone at least somewhere in each of the last seven years. Whoever wins this game might be able to help their case for a bowl game.

I'd like it to be Northwestern. I'd like it not to be Michigan -- I've always favored State in Michigan. But, of course, once we get to the bowl games I am all over the Big 10 teams.

Of course II, no doubt I am jeopardizing the chances of things going my way by my anti-Schrodinger Field -- if I observe a game, I lose. But if I don't observe a game, I never get to see Northwestern!

We'll see...

Dr. Phil

EDITED: Of course it's the week after Halloween, weeks before Thanksgiving, so naturally since this is a Northwestern game we are getting flooded with Give A Large Cadillac SUV For Christmas commercials. I'll grant them that the shiny red ones are a good color, but it is still too early for sleigh bells, faux Christmas music, beautifully wrapped packages or entertaining the thoughts of buying a fucking new Cadillac for a Christmas present. (Ran that sucker at least four times.)

EDITED 2: "And we are in Evansville, on the shores of Lake Michigan." Uh, no. Evansville is in far southern Indiana, almost to Kentucky, and some 290 miles south of Lake Michigan. I tell you, Northwestern gets no respect. (It's the 3rd quarter and the score is still 0-0. Both teams have had turnovers, NU blocked a field goal. Ooh, Michigan just bounced a snap off one of their men, recovered by Northwestern.)

UPDATE: Sigh. I didn't see the end of the game. NU tried to pull it out, trailing 10-3. Scored a touchdown, 10-9, and went for a two-point conversion with three seconds to go. Needless to say, NU lost to Michigan 10-9. Several news sources described it as "an ugly game."

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