They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Oh Poop -- No Chicago

Uncertainties with the weather and road conditions in what would normally be the first hour and a half of driving for Saturday, pretty much meant that I won't be doing a day and night trip to WindyCon at the Lombard Westin. Canceled the reservation this morning. I'll let them keep the Saturday day membership...

Man, I have the worst luck getting to WindyCon. One year I was sick. One year Wendy died -- Happy Birthday, Sister! (She would've been 59 today.) Last year I was just coming out of 5½ months of hospitals.

At least I was taking this as a target of opportunity. Hadn't decided to go until after they closed Programming, so there are no panels I have to cancel.

Still, the program schedule had some good things. And dammit, missed another steak dinner at Harry Carey's -- was even going to have Momcat and Joe meet us there Saturday night.


Oh well. If you're going to WindyCon, be safe, have fun!

Dr. Phil

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