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I have an Eddie Bower case on a lanyard that I use to keep cell phone, Bluetooth ear piece, pen, assorted other objects... No, it's not a purse. But it serves some of the functions, so maybe it's a "neck clutch". (grin)

Friday I unzipped it and... one of the slots was empty. It's a little red nylon case with a Velcro closure for keeping drivers license and credit cards.

Okay, rewind, where did I have it last? With the snows, 4WD and three hour drives, I often drop from gas every two days to every 1½ days, so if traffic stops or crawls for hours I don't get down to fumes, or worse. With the snow, wind and slush, when I got out to pump gas at the Wayland Shell, I took just the red case -- though it has no logo, it is actually a Swiss Army Knife product -- and not the whole neck bag. Was "sure" I put it in my back pocket and "sure" I tossed in on the front seat when I was done.

Maybe it fell down into my black zippered tote bag. Checked that last night. Also that pair of jeans. Nope, nope. Still not panicking. After getting dressed on Saturday morning, went out to the Blazer and started with the obvious hiding place -- the slot between the passenger front seat and the center console.


Nice to know I'm not forgetful. Nice to know no one broke into my office on Friday, found my phone bag, unzipped it, took one thing and then replaced it. (I'm a writer, I have an overactive imagination.)

And I'm very happy to know I will spend Saturday afternoon on ZEPELLIN and writing about my princesses in The Lost Kingdom, as opposed to having wondrous tales of credit card company Customer Disservice to regale you with. Sorry. Or having to hit the Secretary of State's for a replacement license. Or fighting with the putrid handicapped parking situation at the Bernard Center and have to PAY for a replacement university ID card. Double, triple sorry.


Yeah, yeah, my two loyal readers would have been vastly entertained by such tales of woe, to which I have one reply. Pthhhbt!

Oh, and there's college football. It's snowing in Minnesota. (grin) Go Golden Gophers! (They're playing The Ohio State University. Alas, they are currently losing 24-14.)

Dr. Phil

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