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Heather, It's Still Snowing

Sunday, 11:53am EST. It is very pretty outside. White everywhere, heavy gobs of frosting on the evergreens. BIG snowflakes are lazily falling straight down with great abandon.

Jane Byrne (1933-2014) died the other day. If you don't know Jane, you aren't familiar with Chicago. Jane Byrne was the first woman mayor of Chicago. She was swept into office on the razor thin margin of a bow wave from a snowplow, winning the Democratic primary after Richard J. Daley's successor, Michael "Bland" Bilandic, couldn't clear the streets from the 1978-79 blizzard. Neighborhoods waited until spring in some cases.

The title of this blog comes from a story I remember vividly. Quoting from the Seventh Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals on another matter, SEFICK v GARDNER...
John Sefick creates satirical sculptures that he seeks to place in the lobbies of buildings connected to the events or persons being lampooned. Sefick's works combine public figures with audio tapes that deliver the point. For example, in 1979 Sefick mounted in the Richard J. Daley Civic Center a tableau of Michael Bilandic, who had recently been defeated for re-election as mayor (in part because of adverse public reaction to the City's handling of snow removal in the winter of 1978-79), relaxing in an easy chair, with his wife Heather perched on the chair's arm. A tape recording continuously played this statement in a parody of Bilandic's voice:

Heather, Heather, I think it is still snowing out there, Heather. I think it is still snowing. God, it must be around eight feet now, isn't it, Heather? At least eight feet. Maybe another log on the fire, Heather. Maybe another log on the fire. On the fire, another log on the fire, Heather. It is beginning to snow again. Another log on the fire, Heather. I think it is beginning to snow once again. My God, it must be eight feet out there now, Heather. I don't know what to do. What do you think we should do, Heather?
We quote the beginning of that recording a lot every winter. (grin)

Mrs. Dr. Phil opined that if this was Christmas break, we could be ensconced in our warm little house, watch the snow, and stay home for days, safe in the knowledge that we'd be stuffed with holiday feasts and baking. And spending whole days reading books.

Alas, tomorrow is Monday. Things happen this week. The kiddies get their third exams this week. Topic 1 science literacy papers are due starting on Thursday -- there's a grace period through next Monday, but no one seems to know what a grace period is any more. So no sitting all day reading books. I have exams to write. Got two cool new problems in my head, so that's good.

About that snow... Elsewhere has seem much more and much colder, but it's sufficient here to be a game changer. Kept me from doing WindyCon this weekend -- I should be watching battle robots fighting right now, before leaving. But roads are roads. One works with what one has.

Not even Winter yet -- that's still some six weeks away. Global warming hoax? Oh, puh-lease. How many times must I say (1) Weather is not Climate and (2) disruptions of weather pattern result in churning and excursions from the baseline in both directions. In other words, the spilling over of the polar vortex, etc. is expected.

Then there's this from the American Geophysical Union blog
There are growing sign,s (sic) that after one more blast of even colder air next week, we will see some much warmer air over the Central and Eastern U.S. as we head into Thanksgiving. Indian summer may be on the way!

Well, why not? The ground isn't frozen yet. Warm and/or rain will take the snow down quickly. We could have a simple brown and gray Thanksgiving.

Merry Christma... oh dammit, those fucking early Christmas commercials almost tricked me!

Dr. Phil
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