They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
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More Bad Programming

Long time readers, all three of you, will recall that I have zero affection for whatever the sorry excuse for an email system that Western uses. It has exactly one virtue -- since it's not Gmail, I can tell the difference between my regular email and work email.

I will take their word for it that it's secure.

But given what a crappy job it does in sorting spam from real email, you can understand why I might question even that.

My latest peeve involves message threads -- and as the semester winds down, it gets really annoying.

You know message threads. Person A sends you an email. You reply. They reply. These three messages are linked together in one entry, which you can click on and expand to see all three messages.

But, the Moronic University System Email (MUSE) (grin) goes one step further. Because sometimes, sometimes mind you not every time, if in the middle of a discussion, Person B sends you an email with the same subject -- something perfectly reasonable like "Exam 3" -- it may get stuck in the SAME DAMNED THREAD. So now if you're having exchanges with both Person A and Person B, the two distinct and separate message threads get interleaved in one thread.


At least I am supposed to be grateful that it doesn't then mix up ALL the messages in this supposed single thread appended to any replies -- that would be a horrible breech of security and violate FERPA privacy.

But This Is Just Plain Stupid.

A message thread involves a common subject line AND recipients. Period. End of discussion.


And the university spends money on this turkey? Webmail Plus. Or Webmail+. It gets listed both ways, but there's not an About tab with the manufacturer's name.

I think they're embarrassed to admit it. (evil-grin)

Dr. Phil

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