They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Progress Report #83

Whew. Made it to Thanksgiving Eve. Under a month til Christmas, only one more week of classes til Finals. Then Grade-a-thon. Actually Grade-a-thon begins early this year. Because I don't have a grader for my big class, I will start grading my 155 or so Topic 1 Science Literacy book reports this weekend. The last bag was brought in this afternoon by Mrs. Dr. Phil. It was heavy enough I didn't want to try to carry it on the cane along with the black bag.

We are winding down on the six months of antibiotics after June's hospitalization. I already have three doctor's appointments lined up for the end of Finals Week -- foot surgeon, Infectious Diseases, Wound Clinic. Grades are due at noon on 16 December, so then I have eye doctor and my G.P. on the 17th and 18th. Dentist, which got skipped when I was hospitalized or just out, now will be in January. And Friday I get my ankle measured.

Last Friday I stopped by the Spectrum Orthotics people. My AFO ankle foot orthotic brace which allows me to walk, with canes or walker, has been shifting lately. Feels like it's popping. Turns out the hinges are shot. They told me it would last about a year. Got it in August 2013 to address the foot drop caused by the second bout of compressed nerves, so fifteen months of service ain't bad.

They better let me keep my foot, because it'll save the insurance company some money! (grin)

I continue to feel fine, for those parts I can feel. The two "exit wounds" from the missing pieces of hydraferra blue are healing, the side callousy area is improving. The Original Divot™ on the bottom of my foot... is healing slowly. No obvious signs of infection. The daily bandage changes are clean enough that on the weekends -- like today (holiday-grin) -- we're going to 1½ and 2 day dressings.

We are seriously considering not teaching this winter, to let the foot heal better. And should they want to operate, less disruptive to the students.

We continue anon apace.

Dr. Phil

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