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Ah, Nothing Like The Sweet Foul Stench of Holiday Spammers

Ring... ring... ring... ring...

Mrs. Dr. Phil is working on our Day-After-Thanksgiving-Movie-Day holiday dinner. Slow-Moving-Boy has to stand up from the rolltop desk, gather one, two canes, and slowly maneuver across the room, stop, set both canes in one hand and pick up the phone, which has already gone to the outgoing answering machine message. Colliding with An Important Message which is SO Important that not only is there no human being involved, it is too impatient to wait for the beep, colliding with the outgoing message. Brilliant.

"...mail provider..."

I think the recording was talking about e-mail provider. And amazingly, the recorded female voice sounded a lot like the spam recording from "Card Services" announcing a problem with our credit card.

We get that one a lot.

No doubt the message was along the lines that there was a problem with my e-mail provider -- or that my mailbox was full and some other provider was unable to send me an important message. Sure. Right. What info do you need to confirm it's me that YOU'RE CALLING? Name? Address? Phone number? The credit card for the billing department for sure.


First of all, our emails are all through Gmail (free), GVSU/WMU (free) and my website. Second, no one would use a spam recording to let you know of a problem. And if it's a sales call? Any way you look at it, we don't do anything by phone.


I hung up and returned to writing. I'm sure that the phone line was tied up for another minute or two, no matter what I did on my end. Fine, the spam machine can talk to the aether and let's see if I care.


Don't care about them.

Not. One. Twit.

Merry Black Thanks Friday Giving Mas.

Dr. Phil
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