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The 400 Club

Just finished taking last weekend's writing in Version 1.05A -- I had forgotten my Swiss Army Memory at the office, so had to start a temporary writing file -- and stuffing them into Version 1.05 (and also The Fourth Novel 1.03). There's some temporary text in the beginning of Version 1.05 which has to be placed into the correct chapters as well, but those word counts are included in the total.

You can ask why I'm writing just under 5000 words for the fourth novel, when I still haven't defined the first three, nor sold them. Easy answer -- can't control where the ideas want to go. At least it's not like sometimes where I am trying to write one story and several more story ideas crop up. When writing for WOTF entries, I often change my mind three, four, five times as to which story gets finished.

Page numbers aren't as useful as word counts, but they are interesting. Different versions of Microsoft Word do microspacing in fonts differently, resulting in a different page count between Word 95/97/2003/2010 -- same with printer drivers. Annoying, but true. Even if you try to set up the same way, by turning Widows and Orphans off, for example. So if I write at home and then write at work -- remember I am not a full time professor, so spending most of the day at the office for teaching and Office Hours, means that some of those hours are mine if students don't come by -- the page count varies a few pages.

Also, page count and total word count, not story word count, can vary and are much higher because of notes and, for each version number, a certain amount of Research notes and photos which are not carried over from version to version. And remember, I am writing in Book Antiqua 12, single-spaced with a blank between paragraphs, 1¼" margins, left justified, ragged right margin. By no stretch of the imagination does this represent a real page count in Standard Manuscript Format -- Courier New 12, double-spaced, no padding between paragraphs, 1" margins all around.

However, I have exceeded 400 pages in the Version 1.05 file -- another milestone. Eventually, I'll carve the big file into the three YA novels -- Book I, Book II and Book III. But as Aragorn says, "This is not that day."

Researches in the last week include: The Wabanaki Confederacy. The Norns, three fates in Scandinavian lore. The hardingfele fiddle, with sympathetic strings underneath the main strings -- think the theme for Rohan. Rules for a bris. Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan. Forzieri and Gianna Meliani Italian shoes. The LOTR chess sets. Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The Oslo, Trondheim and Bodø sentralstasjon. Passover Seder. Bitcoins to Danish krone. Wedding banns in the Roman Catholic church.

The shiny counters -- there's two now -- stand at:

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy Version 1.05

That's a rough November total of a palindromic 53,035 words. But not a NaNoWriMo win, because I'm not writing it for NaNoWriMo.

The Lost Kingdom Fourth Novel Version 1.03

Dr. Phil
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