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A Collision Of Interests

In a not-so-serious vein -- I have more serious thoughts brewing but not today, I'm in the middle of the giving of two Physics tests, so that's enough seriousness for one Friday -- we give you the following:

Sandra Boynton -- who did so many delicious greetings cards and humor books featuring many wonderful dogs, cats, hippos, etc., and chocolate... plus gave us the immortal birthday card greeting, "Hippo Birdies, Two Ewes"...

Weird Al Yankovic -- the greatest master of song parody ev-AH! A man with a brilliant sense of timing and a pretty decent sense of music...

Kate Winslet -- quite simply the finest actress of her generation...

... all collide in a Sandra Boynton kids' CD called Dog Train, where Kate Winslet and Weird Al Yankovic sing a duet titled "I Want A Nap".

What a wonderful world we live in...

Dr. Phil

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