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November Slides Into December

I've been a little scarce this week. Grading and exam writing is in full swing. Today was the last day of class. It's all over except for the Final Exams... and the screaming.

Ten days til final grading day -- Tuesday 16 December 2014 at Noon -- ZERO HOUR.

Our early Fall snowstorms are but memories. Except for a few big piles near the grocery store parking lot, any trace of snow you might see is from a light dusting the other morning. This is not going to be a snow-free winter, to be sure, but that November shock... Not only did we get a snow day at both GVSU and WMU, but Grand Rapids recorded 31" of snow in November 2014, which is 42% of the 2013-14 winter total. And the Winter Solstice is still weeks away. Kalamazoo had less snow in this storm and more snow last winter, so their percentages are lower, but still.

For several months I have been reporting that gas prices have kept going down, with a kneejerk jump up for no apparent reason, followed by continuing decline. This happened just before Thanksgiving, too, but the drops got us under three bucks for regular in time for one of the better Thanksgiving travel seasons in a few years, or so they said. Thing is, gas has continued free falling, especially now that it is an open secret on the news that oil prices are still falling and OPEC has failed to bump them up again.

This morning regular gasoline was $2.63.9/gallon for regular. And for some odd reason, the Citgo at D Ave on the way into Kalamazoo was running down to $2.47.9/gal -- K-zoo prices were all over the place. Allendale this evening was pretty much the same as Allendale in the morning.

But... the pundits are openly talking about gas around or under two bucks, if not for Christmas, then in January. Great -- and this right after I've decided to do Sabbatical for Spring (Winter) Semester. (grin)

The Actors Studio in Grand Rapids is doing the rock opera/musical Chess at the Spectrum Theatre, I think. Thursday-Friday-Saturday this weekend and the next two weekends. Closing is on the 20th -- this is after my big rounds of large and small doctor's appointments and grades. Would like to go see it. I guess the Broadway version had a cast of some 31 -- with a much smaller stage I think they have 17 in this production. As I've mentioned before, we saw a wonderful touring company production of Chess with a portable chessboard floor that lit up at the Frauenthal Theatre in Muskegon -- balcony was perfect.

"One Night in Bangkok" is on my Amazon "Happy Songs" playlist, following The Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls" -- it really works, you should try it. (grin)

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