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Somehow I Managed To Write This Week

Finals Monday and Tuesday. Three doctors appointments Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A cold? Flu? Some other kind of infection dammit? Sure. A ton of grading papers -- absolutely.

Always some last minute excitements with late papers... and grading. Have (most of the) Topic 1 papers and Topic 2 worksheets and the Final Exam graded for PHYS-1070. After several days of being a no-show, my grader for the PHYS-1150 Final Exam finally showed up and hopefully there will be no surprise on Monday. Grades are due Tuesday at noon... Question from student: Is there a way to use the grade fix we do to one of the hour exams on the paper? Uh, no. The paper that was assigned in early September and then due in November? The one that's worth the same as an exam? The one you didn't turn in? The "Bad Test Day Rule" is designed to make up for, well, a "bad test day". It does not give you free points for a hard zero, in any event. Never mess around with a professor's pet project and my science literacy book report has been molded and worked on for nearly 23 years.

But while giving exams and makeup exams and grading, I managed to put some more words into the YA trilogy. New research topics include the history of candles and electric lights on Christmas trees. Märklin wind-up toy trains in early 1900s. Modern model train sizes: O-scale (1:48), HO-scale (1:87.1), N-scale (1:160), Z-scale (1:220), I knew about. Even smaller are ZZ-scale (1:300) and T-scale (1:450)! The latter has the Code 40 rails only 3mm apart and uses steel rails and magnets to keep the equipment on the track. Fjordling or Fjord horses. "I Am The Sword" Motörhead, 1993. Genghis Khan versus Conan The Barbarian and Khan! Lesbian and gay bars in Copenhagen -- Vela and Masken. Mikkeller Crunchy Frog and Grape Fruit Dead beers. And given my researches on Der Google, was it any surprise that Facebook pops up with an ad for $750 Gucci holiday pumps -- in three heel sizes. (grin) Thank goodness this series isn't about serial killers. (double-plus-grin)

The shiny counters are up to:

The Lost Kingdom Project YA Trilogy Version 1.05

The Lost Kingdom Fourth Novel Version 1.03

Dr. Phil
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