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In my office, just did most of the Topic 2 Worksheets for PHYS-1150 -- those for PHYS-1070 were done on Friday. And just got the last two quizzes and the Final Exam grades for PHYS-1150, so we're swimming along here.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, it's been foggy with some drizzle on Sunday. Temperatures have been flirting with 50°F all those days, too. It was 47°F when we went to bed last night and still 46°F when we got up this morning. Originally, Monday was supposed to be heavy rain. Great. But the forecast last night was for 40% chance of light occasional showers during the day. Fog and overcast. Heavier rains overnight and into Tuesday -- but Tuesday morning I finish grades at home, so I don't care.

Naturally, here at noon-thirty on Monday... the sun is shining in Kalamazoo.


Okay, so it's not quite full bright sun. I expect it's hazy outside and so we have wan sunlight. But still, I was not expecting to see sunshine outside my office window at all for the rest of 2014. Go figure.

You can just start hearing the nervous tics in the voices of the WOOD-AM morning news crew, as they are waiting for the proverbial other shoe to fall. "We're going to pay for this warm weather in December! Just you wait!"

And given Michigan, it'll probably be true. Along with everything else.

Oh, and gas? It's down to $2.36.9/gallon for regular in Allendale. Greenville was reported to be at $2.16.9/gal on the weekend and down to $2.12.9/gal today. Naturally, this weekend Family Failure is giving $1.99/gal gas coupons -- ho-hum. (grin) They're getting off easy, I suspect, as it's cheaper than a 50¢/gal coupon, their usual Big Coupon Events.

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