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Mmm... Sushi....

Saturday night, we forgot all about going to see Chess downtown. Oh well, we were out quite late on Friday. And I forgot to tune in Western Michigan at the Famous Potato Bowl. I had hoped this morning that there'd be a Schroedinger's cat effect and by not watching, guarantee success. Alas, Air Force-38 WMU-24, leaving the Broncos 8-5 this season, after going 1-11 last year and 0-6 in bowl games. Still, congrats on the winning season, gentlemen.

So, Saturday night AND the holidays means one thing -- Netflix.

Except... when I turned on the Sony Blu-Ray player, I got a screen announcing a software update. Huh. First time. I tried to ignore it, but when I hit the Netflix button on the Sony remote, the announcement came back. Fine.

I don't know what it had to do, but with WiFi+DSL, the progress bar stayed at 1/9 FOREVER, with not even a moving graphic to let us know something. As usual with flashing firmware ROM, there are dire warnings to DO NOT TURN OFF OR YOU WILL NEVER SEE A MOVIE AGAIN AND YOUR NOSE WILL FALL OFF. But no signs of progress? Disturbing.

I even Googled Sony BDP-S390 update, found a page that basically said there's an update. And do it.

Eventually after 15-20 minutes the progress bar began to move and after several steps, the counter jumped from 1/9 to 2/9 to 3/9 to 9/9, as there are wont to do. Then it rebooted. Or rather, it shut down and after waiting a few minutes, I had to turn the BD player back on. Way to go with directions, Sony.

It occurred to us, though, that this security update may have been prompted by the hacking of Sony, ostensibly by North Korea in protest of the stupid excuse of a movie, The Interview. Fine. I don't need a Communist takeover of my TV.

Whew. On to the entertainment...

Jiro Dreams of Sushi [Documentary]
Netflix streaming

We almost watched a different movie last night, but then I stumbled upon this in our queue. It is a lovely film, equal parts gorgeous food, theory of great food and Japanese culture across generations.

Michelin awards three stars to a restaurant which it is worth it to travel to that country just to eat there. After eating there, Michelin said that three stars is the lowest number they could give Jiro -- and Jiro didn't even cook for them that day, his eldest son did. Wanna go? Reservations are backed up from a month to a year depending on the date. Jiro only has ten seats in his sushi restaurant. And prices start at 35 000 ¥ or about $300. There is no menu.

It's a movie about product and suppliers and ten-year apprenticeships. It is about perfection and striving to do better. It is about fathers and sons.

It is about beautiful steel and precision knife skills.

It is about translucent pieces of fish that look like glass and jelly.

It is about no appetizers, nothing but twenty pieces of sushi, served one at a time and eaten seconds after made and admired.



We'd had leftover Jimmy John's for supper. Not quite the same thing. (grin)

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